Sued by a debt collector when debt was paid

by Robert
(LaCrosse Wi)

I was sued by a Debt Collector in March of
2012 For a Discover Card Debt for Aprox. $7,000.00 Destroyed my Credit, I just found out that this Debt was paid in 02/21/2006 nine years ago. Discover did not place it in my account. I have paper Work that it was cashed by Discover. Need Help? Comments? I'm a 79 year old Senior!

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As much as we'd like to help, the lawsuit is a matter of public record through the courts and will have to be resolved that way. We recommend you talk with a consumer law attorney or Legal Aid, who may be able to help you at no cost. Just type "Legal Aid" + your city or county into a search engine. If they can't help you, ask them to suggest someone who can.

You could also try contacting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but we doubt they will be able to provide the level of assistance you need.

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