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Mary Reed and I wrote the e-book Debt Collection Answers because we really do have a passion for helping people find solutions to their financial challenges. We invite you to ask your questions about debt collectors here. But we do need to add a few important instructions.

  1. Don’t expect legal advice. Though Mary and I have worked with some terrific attorneys (like the late consumer law attorney John Ventura, and now with attorney Robert Brennan, our coauthor for the California edition), we aren’t lawyers. Even if we were, we couldn’t offer legal advice on the Internet. We will answer questions to the extent that they can help other people understand the concepts we describe in the Debt Collection Answers e-book. Also, we can’t go into details on the laws in every single state. If you need legal advice, please contact a consumer law attorney in your state with experience handling debt collection cases.
  2. If possible, please read our e-book Debt Collection Answers before you submit your question. It will provide answers to many of your questions about dealing with debt collectors, and it may alert you to some consumer protections you didn’t even know you have!
  3. Please be patient. Mary and I love to help when we can. We will answer questions on a first-time, first-serve basis as soon as we can get to them. Questions from those who have read the e-book will be given first priority. And of course, that also means if something urgent has come up – you have been notified of a court summons, for example - this is not the place to get advice! Please contact a consumer law attorney for help.

Finally, thank you for giving us the opportunity to help when we can. We know you’re hurting and we hope Debt Collection Answers will help!

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