Student loans show "transferred to recovery" on credit report

by Renee
(Windom, MN US)

There are several student loans from AES/National Collegiate that I cosigned for when my daughter went to college. I admit that I was making those payments and fell behind. My credit report shows those loans as "transferred to recovery". The balances show up as nothing being owed though.

AES/National Collegiate still shows up but a company called Plaza Associates collected payment for those loans, at 10% off each loan. I have a copy of each document that Plaza sent to me and also a copy of the check I wrote and that they cashed to pay all of those loans off, along with the letter and account # for each loan and the amount.

How do I get transferred to recovery changed to "paid". Plaza Associates DOES NOT show up on my credit report but the original creditor, AES/National Collegiate does.

Thank you.

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