Student Loan Debt and Disability

I signed for my son's student loans with South Carolina Student Loans and Sallie Mae. I also signed my husband's name as co-signer.

My son is still seeking employment and I am now totally and permanently disabled, so I cannot help him with repayement due to loss of income.

However, I am aware that both of these loan companies have a debt forgiveness program if your totally and permanently disabled. But when I contacted them, they tried to get my son to sign paperwork to sue me for identity theft, and fraud, which of course he is not going to do.

Since I am the person who signed the names, can't these debts be considered my responsibility and if so, I should be able to seek the discharge based on my disability, right?

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Do we understand you correctly that you signed to get the student loans pretending to be the student, the student was actually your son? Unfortunately, it's not something we have expertise about. You may want to go to to find out if you can get any more information there.

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