Storage unit continued to accrue charges 3 years after locked out.

by Dee
(Santa cruz california )

I need to file a response to summons. I was locked out September 2011. Spoke with owner about physical and financial hardship and that while I didn't want to lose the stuff, I wanted to pay him what I owed. I could not take anything g in or out since that time. I tried to pay him but the bill kept growing. I paid around 1100 between 2012 and Jan 2014 which would have covered the initial 600 for the lockout but by that time the bill had increased to over 2000.

I had to go on disability for a couple years and could not walk or work. I received an official notice of lockout and lien sale in dec 2014 although I had not had access since 2011. A collection co filed suit for 4500 in dec 2015. Isn't there a time limit which storage companies must comply with after no access?

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There is a law called the "California Self-Service
Storage Facility Act." If you want to represent yourself in the lawsuit, you may want to review that. Another alternative would be to talk with a consumer law attorney to find out if you have a defense to the lawsuit.

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