Storage locker debt lockout

by Deb
(Cleveland, Ohio USA)

I owned a retail store and had to close. Put my equipment and store fixtures, i.e., coolers, counters, merchandise, gifts, balloons, tables, merchandise display units, counters, supplies, shelving and much more. Could not catch up back due rents of totalling 1200.00 Locker was up for auction. Sold contents of locker for 1000.00. Is that fair?

Debt was settled but no merchandise returned to me. Lost 10,000 worth of equipment, supplies, gift items, etc. Do I have any recourse?

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One of the risks of falling behind on storage unit payments is that the unit's contents may be auctioned off. Your state's laws govern the procedures for these auctions, and you'll have to research them in your state to determine if you were given proper notice etc. Unfortunately, we don't maintain that kind of information here as this site is about dealing with debt collectors.

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