storage fees

by Martha
(Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Allegheny county )

My daughter has a storage unit with furniture important documents and other personal property I'm trying to get the property out of storage am I responsible for the storage fees?

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Jan 13, 2013
storage fees

If your daughter signed the contract for the storage unit, then she is responsible for paying the fees related to it, not you. The exception would be if you co-signed the contract and she has fallen behind on her payments or stopped paying them entirely. In that case, the storage company could look to you to pay what she owes.

Another issue related to the storage unit however, is whether you can take items out of it, when they belong to your daughter, not you.

Please note: I wrote this answer assuming your daughter is still alive. You posted your question in the "deceased person's debt category, but you wrote your question as though she is still alive. So, if she has deceased, please let me know and I will respond to your question in that context. My answer will be somewhat different.

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