Storage Business Threatning Collection without Any Proof of Debt

by Robert
(Gillette WY)

A storage company where I once stored my personal property also provides storage for RVs. An abandonded RV was offered to me for free. The owner of the storage facility claimed she could file some legal papers for lack of storage payment and would get the title in my name but I would need to pay storage for keeping the unit on her lot. After a couple months of no progress or any evidence of trying to get the title I refuse to continue paying for storage of this RV. The RV was abanonded on the storage lot. I have no ability to file for the title or legally move the RV. Almost a year later the storage owner decided to stop providing storage for RVs and has moved the RV and sent me a bill for $275 for removal and is threatening to turn the bill over to collections. What should I do?

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Dec 05, 2011
Storage Business Threatning Collection without Any Proof of Debt

I am not sure that the storage company has any grounds to demand that you pay for the cost of storing the abandoned vehicle unless you and the owner signed an agreement obligating you to do so.

I recommend therefore, that you meet with a consumer law attorney in your area who helps consumers resolve debt collection problems and get advice about what to do. I am not an attorney.

Your initial appointment with the attorney will probably be free (Confirm that fact when you call). All it may take to avoid having the storage debt sent to collections is for the attorney to send the storage company a letter on his law firm's letterhead -- a service that should not cost a lot -- and that hopefully will save you from any future legal headaches related to this matter. Good luck!

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