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My wife took my stepson to the hospital in South Carolina while we where on vacation in 2010. A few weeks later I get a medical bill in my name from that hospital I never went to that hospital much less signed anything saying I would be responsible for his bill. Do I have to pay that?

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Jan 27, 2011
Responsibility for stepson's medical bill

We can't say for sure whether you are directly responsible for this bill, but let us share a couple of points. You didn't indicate whether or you have custody of your stepson or not but in some states parents can be held responsible for their minor children's essential medical bills under what are often referred to as "necessaries statutes."

In addition, you don't indicate whether your stepson is covered under your insurance policy or not. That may have some bearing on it as well.

Finally, I assume this is your wife's son? Even if you aren't responsible, she probably is. You can check with a consumer law attorney if you aren't sure. Also keep in mind that medical bills can often be negotiated.

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