Statute of Limitations Rosenthal Act

by Hugo

According to your e-book if a collector has violated my legal rights under the FDCPA I have one year to sue a collection agency but what about the Rosenthal Act? How much time do I have if protected by the Rosenthal Act?

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Oct 28, 2010
Time to sue debt collector in California
by: Gerri

The Rosenthal Act is a California law that protects consumers against unfair debt collection practices.

Do you have the California edition of the ebook? Attorney Robert Brennan answered your question on page 81:

If a debt collector violates the Rosenthal Act, you can sue the debt collector for the actual damages you suffer because of the violation, including emotional distress damages. However, the statute of limitations for an action under the Rosenthal Act is just one year from the date of the collector?s abuse, so you should not wait to talk with an attorney if you believe that a debt collector has violated your rights.

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