Statute of Limitations for sending medical bill

I had a procedure done last year in July '11. We were told that all medical bills had been paid by us to medical facility and Dr.s offices. They just sent my insurer two separate bills on 2/22/2012. My insurer has refused to cover the bills due to the length of time that has passed. It's a new year w/out any of my deductibles being met. And I can't afford to pay the bills w/out any insurance assistance.

Is there a SOL for medical facilities or Dr.s sending bills for a procedure/services being done?

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Jan 07, 2016
Corruption in North Carolina
by: Anonymous

The department of revenue (state of North Carolina)was paid in full for tax bills for 2013 and 2014 within the last several weeks. I was told I had a zero balance for both years, however, they said I still owe taxes for 2007. I paid that, and found out the next day that they had switched both payments of taxes(2014 and 2013)to 2013. In addition,I believe the 26.00 was taken and put towards the medical bill to override the statue of limitations so they could justify breaking the law. I was told the 26.00 was for taxes. This is violating my rights! Who protects people against these illegal practices? There is conflict of interest on almost every level of government in NC!

Mar 04, 2012
Statute of Limitations for sending medical bill
by: Debtcollectionanswers

Unfortunately, there is no statute of limitation for what you are referring to. There is a statute of limitation for how long you can be sued by a creditor (or a debt collector) for an unpaid bill, however.

You have a number of options for dealing with your situation. I would begin to familiarize yourself with them by reading the information here: medical debt collection. As you will learn if you do, you may be able to get your insurance company to reverse its decision. If you cannot, you may want to try to work out payment plans so you can pay what you owe over time or filing for bankruptcy may be something you should consider, how to file for bankruptcy.

I also recommend you visit The Access Project where you can get free answers to issues related to medical billing. This may be an excellent resource for you.

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