SS# on debt suit doesn't match

by Maria
(Phoenix, AZ)

My husband is being sued for a debt where his social doesn't match the social the attorneys have. He is filling out the disclosure statement and it asks about the law that supports his side of the case. Does anyone know of a law or where I can find this? We're in Arizona. Thank you!

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Apr 15, 2014
Don't Need An Attorney
by: Anonymous

I would send a certified letter to the collection company stating it's not your debt and the Social Security numbers do not match, then go to court and explain to the judge that it's not your debt and that you sent the letter (show proof) and let the judge decide.

Chances are the company that owns the debt won't bother showing up. They hope for an automatic judgement for all the default people that no show.
Good luck

Jun 24, 2013
SS# on debt suit doesn't match
by: Anonymous

You and your husband are not attorneys so you are automatically at a disadvantage if you try to represent yourselves given that the collection agency that has sued you has legal representation.
Therefore,I recommend that you schedule a meeting with a consumer law attorney in your area who helps people resolve their debt collection problems. Your first meeting with the attorney will probably be free.

The attorney may be able to use the fact that your husband's social security # is not on the lawsuit paperwork to get the lawsuit dismissed. And, if the attorney believes that the collection agency has broken the law in some way, he/she is likely to agree to take the case on a contingent fee basis -- you would not have to pay the attorney any money up-front; you would only pay the attorney if you won the lawsuit.

Bottom line, handling a lawsuit on your own when the other side has legal representation is never a good idea. At the very least schedule an initial consultation.

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