Speciality Pharmacy Won't Accept Payment Plan Offer

by Jennifer

Are there any laws or rules against a company not excepting a payment plan if you say you are willing to pay and set up a plan but they aren't willing to accept the time frame? for example they want payment in a week but I can't send payment for 2 weeks and they won't receive it until 3 weeks?

Also, they strong armed me in to an amount that I could not afford after offering $50.00 a month they want 157.00. I tried now they say they are turning it over to collection since it is been unpaid for 8 mo.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Unfortunately, generally there are no rules requiring creditors to accept whatever you can afford to pay. If they want to turn it over to collections, they can. It might not be the smartest move on their part since they have to pay the collection agency, but perhaps they are concerned they will not be able to collect from you.

The only approach we can suggest is for you to write them a letter and send it certified mail spelling out a payment plan you can afford and explaining why you can't pay more, even if they turn it over to collections. Be polite and straightforward, and explain you are trying to do the best you can. Maybe they will reconsider.

Is there anything you can do to try to bring in some extra cash to pay them off faster? Selling something on ebay, getting a part-time job? It might help if you can show them you are making a good faith effort to repay the debt.

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