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I recently returned to live in Wyoming within the last month. I called Sept 2011 to have my gas turned on at my new place of residence. When I called, I was told that I owed a bill of $92.25 and that to turn on the gas I would have to pay this bill in full. Except, they stated that this bill was from May 1995 - November of 1995...16 years ago...when I lived in the state for a year of college exchange. I do not recognize the address they provided. Source gas customer service also stated that they bought the old gas company out, along with all others in this town but could not provide me the old gas companies name or year it purchased the company. I have never had anything on my credit report trying to collect this bill years ago, as I do monitor my credit report and have since 1997 and again do not recognize the address they provided as my place of residence 16 years ago. I requested all documentation proving that I had signed a contract, the previous gas companies name and any proof they had that an attempt had been made to collect this old debt or that I am the actual person whose name the account was under. I am waiting for this to arrive, if it actually does.

I am not paying this old bill, one I do not owe it and two it is 16 years old, 6 years past the 8-10 year (year depends on contract type, such as verbal, signed etc) statute of limitation that I believe Wyoming follows for debt collection under a third party or original company owned.

This is the only company for gas and winter is quickly approaching which will make it a safety hazard for me with the freezing temperatures reaching from my understanding -10to -15…can a company do this since they have created a monopoly for themselves in this town, bought out companies and are now trying to collect on 16 year old debts with no proof so far, past the statutes of limitation nevertheless, and refuse to turn on my gas? Thank you.

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Nov 16, 2011
SourceGas Wyoming

I recommend that you call your state's Public Utility Commission,, which oversees the utilities in your state and protects consumers from unreasonable rates and terms of service among other things. Staff there should be able to tell you whether SourceGas Wyoming has the right to withhold service from you until you pay the balance related to the previous service.

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