Someone Opened CC's in my name over 4 years ago

by Samantha
(Los Angeles, CA)

This is a long story but I will keep it brief. I am beyond upset because I should have perfect credit. I pay everything on time for the very first time I opened my first credit card 6 years ago. I am 25 and really great with my money and credit.

However, on my report someone had opened up two credit card accounts in my name using my SSN and info. Capital One bank who I've NEVER used and Chase Bank which oddly enough, I did have an account with and it shows on my report -- Closed account -- zero balance. Yes, I paid in full and closed it out in perfect standings. Now there is a different Chase Bank account # that is in collections!!

Someone has racked up in total about $8k of debt and I get about 2-5 calls a day in harassment. I have called all 3 credit bureaus (Experian, TransU, and Equifax) and after the dispute their investigation found it to be "verified" and the marks are STILL on my account. :( I'm upset because I have tried calling Chase and Capital One who immediately forwards me to the collection agency. The agencies could care less about my story and wants to set up a payment plan.

No, it's not my debt! I have written multiple letters to both banks as well. The only proof I have, is when the girl at the agency read off all my personal information used to open these credit cards, one thing was off--the email that was registered is one I have never used in my life. Someone made a fake email using parts of my name and birthday.

Even the purchases that they read off to me are places that I never shop at and things for little kids. I'm a 25 year old single girl with no children so I don't buy children's toys. Please someone help because I do not have money to just pay this off to delete it off my credit report. I absolutely need my perfect credit back! :( Thank you for reading this!

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It sounds like you are a victim of identity theft. Do not pay these folks and do not feel intimidated. You are going to have to invest some time (and hopefully minimal money) getting this cleaned up. You'll need to get a police report and fill out an identity theft fraud affidavit then go about sending it (via certified mail of course) to all the credit reporting agencies that are reporting the fraudulent debts, as well as the collection agencies.

You are going to want to be extremely organized and meticulous - keep records of every conversation, and every piece of mail that you get or send related to this.

If you need more help, check out, the website for Southern California consumer law attorney Robert Brennan.

Keep in mind that if companies break the law by continuing to try to harass you over debts you don't owe or falsely reporting debts due to identity theft, you may be entitled to damages under state and federal laws. California in particular has a strong consumer protection law called the Rosenthal Act that applies.

Let us know how this turns out!

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