someone gave my name to a medical provider

I live in mo and a few weeks ago I got a letter from a collection agency indicating I owe an ambulance co 950.00. from 3 years ago. There have never been any bills come to me, I live an hour away from the ambulance company, and nothing has ever been submitted to my insurance. I requested them send me the contract they have or something signed by me, or other verification that I am the person who owes the debt (I am not) and they sent me a computer generated bill with just my name on it. How do I make them understand it isnt my debt?

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Jul 16, 2012
someone gave my name to a medical provider
by: Debtcollectionanswers

If you are absolutely sure that you do not owe the bill for the ambulance service -- you never used the service, you did not sign any paperwork saying you would be responsible for the cost of the service that someone else used, etc.-- then I recommend you write the debt collection agency a letter stating that you never used the ambulance service you are being billed for and want all communication regarding the bill to cease. Make a copy of the letter for your file and send the letter certified mail with a return receipt requested. Legally, the collection agency is obligated to stop contacting you once it receives your letter other than to confirm its receipt or to inform you of any next steps it intends to take to collect the debt -- sue you for example. If you are sued, contact a consumer law attorney right away.

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