social security number?

by ray
(Miami, Florida)

Hi there, first I want to say thank you for taking the time to answer my question for free!

I have a student loan that I defaulted in paying, I never hid or didn't answer their calls, I simply could not keep up with my student loan bills but kept in contact with them the whole time, recently they sold my loan and I have been getting calls from the collection agency.

They try to scare me by telling me this is going to ruin my credit, something I already know, they also asked me for my husband's social security number which I will never give them, can they do that? I thought it was illegal to ask someone for someone else's social security number? can you tell me, thanks, Ray

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Ray, It is our pleasure to help. We just wish we had more time to keep up with all these questions!

We aren't aware of any law that makes it illegal to ask for someone's SSN. But you are correct in not giving it out. Unless your husband is a cosigner on your loans, there is no reason for you to give them that information.

Hang in there. These student loans can really get ugly if you can't pay and there aren't a whole lot of good solutions out there.

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