signed for gfs phone, after breakup she won't pay or return phone

by chelsea
(Vancouver )

I signed for my gf at the time to get a phone and a contract since she lost her id at the time. she promised she'd switch it over as soon as she got id. Lo and behold a month later we breakup and she still hasn't switched the plan. now she's threatening to sell the phone saying it was a "gift" and leaving me with the bill.

She owes me $187 for her phone plan and its gonna be an extra $400 to cancel her plan. what can I do??

Is there any legal measures I can take to get it back and my money? Isn't the phone technically my property and therefore she cannot sell it???

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We hate to say it, but you've made an expensive mistake here. As far as the phone company is concerned, you are on the hook for the bill. So make sure you pay the bill and any cancellation fee so you don't get stuck with bad credit or collection charges. You may want to cancel it as soon as possible so she doesn't run up extra charges that you'll be stuck with.

As for the phone, since it is in your name, it certainly sounds like you can demand she return the phone to you. We're not attorneys, but it seems commonsense to us. Have you considered just telling her that if she doesn't return the phone to you within 3 days you are going to file a police report? Then feel free to do so. And if you believe she owes you money, you can take her to small claims court if she doesn't pay it.

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