Signed certified letter that is not mine

by KC

I went to the post office, they said I had a certified letter. I was not able to look at the letter before being asked to sign for it. So I signed.

Guess what - this is not mine.

What do I do with it now? I did not open it, it looks like a debt collection of some kind, since it only has a po box as a return address.

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Nov 13, 2013
Signed certified letter that is not mine

If you are sure the letter was not really intended for you even though it has your name on it because you know you do not owe any past due debts, contact the debt collector in writing to let him know that the debt is not yours and to ask that you be provided proof that it belongs to you. (This means of course that you will need to open the letter, which you should do anyway to find out exactly what it says.) Your letter should also explain why you believe that the debt is not yours. Make a copy of the letter and send the original via certified mail with a return receipt requested.

Federal law requires that the collector respond to your letter within 30 days. If you are lucky, the collector will check its records, realize that you were sent the letter by mistake, and cease all further contact with you. If it ignores your letter and continues contacting you, you can send the collector a cease contact letter. Once it receives the letter, the collector must stop contacting you.

It's always possible that you received the letter because your identity was stolen and the thief used your name to run up the debt you are now being asked to pay. If that is the case, that is important for you to know so that you can take the appropriate additional actions, all of which are spelled out at the Federal Trade Commission website,

Finally, if the collector continues to contact you after you send it a cease contact letter and especially if the collector threatens you with a lawsuit or actually sues for the money, schedule a free consultation with a consumer law attorney immediately.

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