Should they take my payments?

by vicki

I Live in Oklahoma and owe the county court clerk money,i am to pay them 38.03 on the last day of every month,i have fallen behind and made late payments a few times but am currently caught up....they recently turned me over to collection...without knowing this,before i receive a letter from collection company i made 2 payments to the court clerk,one for 40.00 and the other for $38.03....were they suppose to keep these payment or refuse and send back to me since they no longer have my account?

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Vicki -

Generally if you fall behind on payments your account can be turned over to collections. It sounds like what happened here is that you made a couple of payments to the clerk's office after the account went to collections, and your account is not being properly credited for those payments. If that's the case, then you need to talk with them to get it straightened out. If you are getting the run around, try contacting one of your local elected officials to see if they can help. They often have staff members who assist constituents encountering problems with government agencies.

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