Should I submit copy of social security card?

by Missy
(Minnepplis, mn)

I received an affidavit from an attorney for a debt that is not mine. I sent a letter advising they have the wrong person. Now, the attorney wants a copy of my social security card to prove that I am the not the person they are looking for. Should I send a copy and black out the first 5 digits? Of no, what are my options?

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In your letter to the attorney did you tell them not to contact you again? If so, and they did contact you again, then our advice would be to talk with a consumer law attorney. It's not necessary - or wise - for you to provide a copy of your Social Security card for a debt that isn't even yours. You are right to be cautious.

We can't give you legal advice, but if this were happening to us, we would send the attorney a letter telling them they have the wrong person and not to contact us again, which is our right under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and if they did contact us again, we would get in touch with a consumer law attorney for assistance.

You may want to read our information about sending cease and desist letter to stop a debt collector.

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