Sherman Financial Svs.LLP.

by Amar
(Arlington, Texas, U S A )

Sherman Financial is a collection Agency, who Purchased my Credit Card Debt from Citi Bank which was due in 2005.
I went Bankrupt in December 2005, and was discharged the same time. They left a lein on my Title, which is still continuingafter 7 years.I am trying to refinance my House, but cannot do so till this lien is cleared.I have never heard anything from them as regards collection is concerned or they have not sent any letters for collection from me.After contacting them, I get a reply that they will research the matter & let me know. I also contacted the Citi Bank for an answer, but to no avail or effect. They also are still to give me an answer. I have been in a fix in this matter and cannot get my house refinanced till this letter is available.

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Aug 13, 2012
Sherman Financial Svs.LLP.

Was the debt you are writing about included in your bankruptcy? If it was I recommend that you contact your bankruptcy attorney for help with the matter. If you did not use a bankruptcy attorney, schedule an appointment with one now to find out the attorney recommends.

Oct 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

Eventually, I received a letter from them mentioning
that I do not them or CitiBank any money. I have already received the letter to be sent to the Bankruptcy Court. My Title Company with the refinancer have also accepted the letter & cleared the Lien.

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