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May 18, 2015
Zenith/North Star acquisitions
by: Anonymous

You are correct in that they are the same company. I have bankruptcy ppwk which shows zenith as the creditor but the default judgement they rcvd against me is from north star acq. For a debt they claim was assigned to them by Wells Fargo. I have contacted Wells Fargo and they have no knowledge of such debt. Now I'm stuck with a lien I'm my property. Anyone have an idea how this can be resolved as it is my understanding that they both have closed.

Nov 26, 2014
Need Info
by: Anonymous

O.K. Folks. Stand by because the cow fertilizer is hitting the fans and I will post all. For now, I need some help. Zenith is no more. I guess there is a God after all! But the rat droppings they left behind are still filtering thru the courts. Northstar cap. acq. and zenith were the same entity but we need to find examples of cross pollination between the two. Has anyone been called by northstar on a zenity account or vice versa? I know they had the same principal but what about any knowledge of shared IT systems or employees who worked for both companies concurrently? I know this was going on as they shared the same rat hole in new york. THanks in advance and keep it anonymous.

Nov 26, 2013
out of business
by: Anonymous

Northstar & Zenith are both out of business. Their judgments should have been dismissed after one year due to statute of limitations for not prosecuting judgments with either garnishments or other activity to include updating their request to produce with current financial/employment information. Judges do not routinely dismiss pending judgments were no activity has occurred in a year. Include them in your mailing matrix for bankruptcy proceedings since there is going to be a pending, albeit non-enforceable lien, tacked onto your homestead/property files that will have to be cleared before you can sell the property.

Apr 20, 2012
Consistant Phone Calls
by: Anonymous

These people keep calling or their automated system keeps calling. They have the wrong number. I don't know how to stop the calls I have no debt with them. The automated system doesn't even offer a solution if it calls the wrong number.

If I call the number the people are very rude and say there is nothing they can do about calling the wrong number.

Reply from

We suggest you talk with a consumer law attorney. A simple search may be able to turn up the name of the company, and if you send them a letter telling them not to call you again and they do, they may be breaking the law.

It also wouldn't hurt for you to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - - which is looking into debt collection issues.

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