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Dec 16, 2015
Need some help
by: Mitchel

Surrender father's leased car after his death.
Now Ally Financial, United Recovery Systems and West Asset Management are all sending bills. All of the bills are for the car in the same amount.
How do I know whom to try and pay? Why three companies? And all three wanting to be paid? This is the biggest mess. And none of these people are professional at all. Should I take the bill divide by three and send each a payment for that amount?

Reply from

That sounds like such a mess! We don't recommend you pay until you establish who is actually collecting. (And we assume you are paying because there is some financial responsibility: either the funds are coming out of the estate or you cosigned the lease...)

You could try sending them each a certified letter that clearly states that all three of them are trying to collect the same debt and that you want written confirmation that they are the only company collecting at this point. If they don't respond appropriately, then you can either try filing a complaint with the CFPB or getting a consumer law attorney involved. Our condolences for your loss.

Nov 16, 2015
Should I stop paying West Asset Management?
by: Anonymous

I read online that the government fired West Asset Management as one of the companies hired to collect on student loans.

Do I pay them or not? I don't want my wages or tax refunds garnished.

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You definitely should continue to pay your loans unless you receive instructions from another servicer or the Dept of Education indicating otherwise. However, if you think that they may have acted illegally in collecting your loan, you can either file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or consult a consumer law attorney with experience in student loan law.

Sep 19, 2015
random numbers
by: Anonymous

They must be using a computer program of some sort to call because they use fake numbers on the caller ID. When i call the numbers back most of them are disconnected, i called one back last night and someone else answered that has nothing to do with the company. omehow they are stealing peoples numbers to use on their caller ID. I told the guy last night to stop calling and he told me to shut up and hung up on me!

Jun 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

West Asset keeps calling my phone and my husbands phone to get money from me. I understand I owe money bur constantly harrassing us is not the way to get it. And the last time I spoke with a rep, he tried to get me to pay that day and get my bank information. There is a reason why I don't like automatic withdrawls from my account and it is because my account has gotten overdrafted before.

May 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have been harassed by this company for the last 4 months and I'm not even the person they want to talk to. The phone number is an El Paso, Tx number. My son finally called the number after hours to find out who was calling me.

Reply from

We would encourage you to read our ebook Debt Collection Answers, which you can get for free. It will help you understand your rights when dealing with bill collectors. Get it at no cost here.

May 24, 2015
Won't Give Me An Address
by: Anonymous

I have received several calls from West Asset Management, and each time I have not been able to get them to give me an address to send them money.

I told them I feel uncomfortable sending money from a prepaid card to a telephone number, and I just get them talking over me.

They claim they have my student loan debt, and have called my place of business, and they have my social security number, but I could not find their number listed, and I just don't trust them.

Reply from


We don't blame you for being cautious! We wouldn't give our information over the phone to some company that calls out of the blue either.

Debt collectors are required by law to send a written notice of the debt within three business days of initial contact with you. If they refuse to do so, either someone is trying to scam you or it is possible they are not playing by the rules and you should request a free consultation with a consumer law attorney for advice.

May 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

They constanly call me and ask me who I am and to verify my personal info, and when I ask them who they are and what they want they want to hang up! which is find by me but makes no sense. Call identify yourself and maybe we talk until then never.

Apr 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

I received a call from a lady claiming to be with west management and asked me to verify my name and birthday. I said, I'm not going to give you any of my personal info over the phone since I don't know who you or your company is. She asked me if I would fell better if she told me my address. I said no and she got frustrated and hung up on me. they have called everyday, several times a day. How would you feel if someone you didn't know from a company that you'd never heard of in another state called you, told you your name, birthday, and address, that's assuming they called the right person in the first place. If not then they're just calling random people giving out personal info that doesn't belong to them. I'm no lawyer but something smells fishy about this company. Any thoughts?

Reply from

This is a tough one. Debt collectors have to be very careful about revealing information about other people's debts. If they do, they could violate federal law. But it's also understandable why you would not want to reveal this kind of personal information to someone who calls you out of the blue. You might let her confirm your address and tell her to send you something by mail. That way you don't have to be caught off guard discussing the debt over the phone.

Apr 06, 2015
I need help
by: bob

My work and family received calls repeatedly from a company claiming to be dispatch ready to send summons within the hour of my property being seized if I did not pay debt. My boss told me to take care of it immediately as those calls were not acceptable at the workplace. I called and paid $900. Shortly after, my wife called and said she called dispatch directly and not the number given to her and it was a scam. I tried to cancel transaction but the bank would not allow it even though I had talked to sheriff and he said I had been scammed into giving info. I disputed it with the bank only to be told it wasn't fraud because I paid and received what I paid for. I paid nothing off, the money is just gone and the bank identified the company that took it as western portfolio. I need help and some sort of recourse. I called Ftc and Oregon justice department. They agree I was scammed but that doesn't help me get my money back. How can the bank get away with saying this wasn't fraud and not letting me cancel my own transaction. How does western portfolio get away with this scam and harassment of people with no repercussions?

Reply from

It may be that the funds were already debited from your account by the time you contacted your bank, and your bank can't get the money back from the scammer. Since you gave the scammer the info to access your bank account it may wind up your responsibility. You may want to file a complaint with the CFPB and your state attorney general's office. Not sure that can help but it is worth a try!

Jan 05, 2015
credit report duplicated
by: Anonymous

West Asset Management added a ding to my credit report for a sprint bill that was already paid and has the listing that my bill was paid in 2009. What can i do?

Reply from

Start by disputing it directly with the credit reporting agencies directly. If it is not removed then you can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and/ or consult a consumer law attorney to find out if you have a case for credit damage.

Dec 17, 2014
Always hang up when I answer the phone.
by: Anonymous

This company has been calling my home phone almost every day, even on a Sunday. If I pick up the phone they never speak, just hang up on me. I called them back today from my cell (no long distance on land line) and they just kept saying sorry for hanging up. Gave them my name and they 'said' they would remove my number. Told them to make sure they do as I have worked for the same collection agency for 22 years so I very well know the law. After saying that they hung up. Only time will tell.

Nov 28, 2014
Called about my CHILD
by: Anonymous

Called me at 8am this morning asking for my child. When I asked who they were and what they wanted, they said it was a personal business matter. I said this is a child you are talking about, they offered to give me an address to send them my personal information and guardianship proof in order to speak with me about it. I declined and said I wouldn't be sending anyone any personal information about myself or my child. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??

Reply from

Suspicious indeed. We are concerned that your child could be a victim of identity theft. We recommend contacting the credit reporting agencies go to get a copy of his credit reports. As a child he shouldn't have one.

Oct 27, 2014
October 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

Let me start by saying that I received a call from West Asset Management about 2 months ago. The lady that I spoke with would not tell me who she was until I verified who I was. She then told me she was trying to collect a debt. I asked her what debt she explained that I need to tell her my social and birthday before she could give me that information. I explained to her that I was not going to give her that information without her telling me more about who she was and what debt she was referring too. She then told me it was a school loan.

She then started to ask me to pay in full with a credit are debit card. I asked her if she was crazy? I told her that I was a single mom on welfare with no money to give her. She proceeded to say we'll if I don't pay they were going to garnish my wages and take my taxes.

I asked her if she did this how would I be able to buy food for my daughter? She explained that I need to pay this debt. Which I am still uncertain about what debt she was calling about. She explained that they need there money and they will collect my money anyway they need to even if they take all my money and leave me with nothing to provide the little that I can for my daughter.

I just received a call as I was writing this from the company and they told me the same thing that they are going to garnish my wages and take my taxes. I don't know what to do.

Reply from

It sounds like these are federal loans if they are saying they can intercept your tax refund. But you need to figure out for sure if they are federal or private. One thing you can do is to go to the National Student Loan Data Systems which should list federal loans. You can also get your credit reports at

If they are federal loans you can apply to Income Based Repayment to get your payments down. If you feel overwhelmed with that process you may want to contact a non-profit credit counseling agency that helps student loan borrowers. Money Management International, Cambridge Credit Counseling and Greenpath are a few that do.

And you may want to file a complaint about the collection agency with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is looking into these issues.

Oct 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

Harassing my father whom is 85 years old on his nieces student loan debt.

Reply from

You may want to set up a free consultation with a consumer law attorney to find out whether the collection agency is breaking the law. If they are, the collection agency will have to pay the attorney's fees and your father may be entitled to damages as well.

Oct 11, 2014
Zero balance
by: Anonymous

I. Have had a zero balance with the hospital for over 2 months. West keeps calling and wanting me to make a payment.

They have screamed at me and told me I did have a balance and I was going to pay it. Very rude acted like I was a liar. Next time they call I will take action against them. Please don't pay these people with out proof.

Reply from

Screaming at consumers and calling them liars is illegal. You may want to get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney

Jul 23, 2014
Not my debt
by: Anonymous

A medical bill for a relative was sent to WAM for collection. The relative at that time was included on my health insurance. He did not pay the bill and the debt is listed on my credit report. I am trying to get it removed but when I call they say they can't discuss the account because it is not in my name.The hospital had my SS# because of the insurance. I have faxed notice that I am disputing the report on my credit but it's like banging my head on a wall. What can I do if this is not resolved soon?

Reply from

If it is on your credit report you have every right to dispute it. Dispute it with the credit reporting agencies first (all three). If it is not removed either talk to a consumer law attorney about a possible credit damage lawsuit or file a complaint with the CFPB.

Jul 07, 2014
Work Place Call
by: Anonymous

How did they get my number? They can call me at the work place, and can they garnish my wages?

Reply from

These are rather broad questions. The best place to start is by reading our free ebook Debt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rights. Download it at no charge here.

Jun 18, 2014
Not Sure About This Collection
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure what to do about a $63 collection that is showing on my credit Report for this company. It shows on my credit report with the medical company that it says I owe so I tried to call West Asset Management to just pay it but the number showing in my credit report for this company gives a "number no longer in service" response. I was looking for other phone numbers for them online but found all this detail about them being corrupt and calling people about debts that are not theirs and also illegal practices. Now I don't know what is the best thing to do. I don't know if I should call one of the other phone numbers you show on your site and put myself on their radar and have them start trying to say I owe them for a bunch of other stuff (nothing else is on my Credit Report). Any ideas what my best move would be in this situation?

Reply from

Dispute it directly with the credit reporting agencies. If it is not confirmed it will be removed. We recommend that approach anyway to protect your rights.

Mar 05, 2014
Annoying repeat bogus calls
by: Anonymous

I have gotten several calls from this company who just hangs up when I pick up. When I called back I found out who they were. I have no outstanding debts, certainly none overdue, never had, never will. This must be a scam because I have never dealt with a collections agency. I had to have the phone company block their number from my line and I made appropriate complaints on other websites.

Mar 08, 2012
FDCPA violations, shady tactics by WAM
by: Anonymous

I have three accounts with WAM. In February, I sent two checks to pay off two of these accounts. The checks had account numbers written on them, directing them to be paid to the two specific accounts. They took these checks and applied a few dollars to the accounts indicated, and the rest onto the third account.

This is illegal, per section 810 of the FDCPA. I have submitted a complaint with the FTC, I have sent them a formal request to re-apply the payments as they were directed, and have disputed the accounts with Equifax and Experian.

Another thing they are doing is, rather than updating accounts when the balance changes, they are removing them and re-listing them as new collections accounts. I'm not sure if this is in violation of the FDCPA (I'll have to research it) or the FCRA, but it's shady nonetheless.

Mar 07, 2012
Up yours
by: Jacked Around

This Companies Supervisor Jonathan and another Employee Debbie are a real pair of Crooks. The things I agreed to by phone were on a contract they mailed to me but a ton more stuff I never knew about or agreed to were on there as well. Like the selling of my loan to a third party or the fact that the bills that come in the mail are more then $2,000 more then what's on there Website and the fact that they sold my loan without me ever signing the contract. So my question would be who signed my name?

Mar 06, 2012
Wants my Bank Info on the Phone
by: Lrstar24

I had a hospital bill sent to collections at West Asset Management. When I talked to the guy calling I said I hadn't received any correspondence in the mail from that company. He said they only do business over the phone. I said they were required to prove the debt I owe in writing.

He said they don't do that. I had to ask 5 times for him to agree that he would send it. Then he wanted me to give him my credit card number or banking information. I said I am not giving you any information until I get a letter proving I owe you this debt. He said he could set up a payment plan to pay it off over the next year, but said I had to give him my credit or banking information.

I again told him I wasn't going to give him that information over the phone. I asked if they had a website that I could do my payments through and he stated that they don't have a website (they do). I told him I had nothing to talk to him about until I get that letter and told him to have a nice day. I got the letter and it seems fishy. It has no actual information about the bill from the hospital. On the back it says you can have them prove the validity of the debt and I am going to do that. I know I owe the debt and will pay it, but I just wonder if they can require you to pay over the phone?

From the way he acted it was like he was on commission and got a bonus if he got me to hand over my banking information. I don't feel comfortable giving that information especially after looking into all the complaints about this company. Does anyone know? Thanks!

Reply from

We agree with you. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act doesn't expressly discuss this issue, but for a variety of reasons, we do not recommend you give the collector your bank account information. We suggest you send them a written complaint stating that you want to pay your debt but do not want to pay by giving them your bank account information. Send it to them by certified mail.

And file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( and your state attorney general's office - and let the collector know you are doing so.

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