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Apr 17, 2015
False Reporting
by: Anonymous

Original debt written off by bank in 2006. CACH is reporting it as debt since 2013. That's a pretty obvious FCRA violation. How do they continue to exist? They have a well documented past of being clear violators. They should be shut way or another.

Feb 20, 2013
My debt was sent to this institution
by: Anonymous


Reply from

Have you tried this website for them?

Aug 05, 2012
Paid in full, still sent here
by: Anonymous

I paid my bill in full and it was after the due date. My account was sent here and I was on hold for over 15minutes. All I want to know is whether my account is clean or not!

Jun 05, 2012
Very Frustrated!
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by Square Two this morning at 8:01. The first person I spoke to was very nice. I had been expecting to hear from them because I was unable to resolve debt with Capital One due to loss of income by both my husband and me. I was offered a plan of 30 percent right then and subsequent payments.

I am not in a position to do this, but I did offer to set up something. It was refused and I was sent to another person. This was an altogether different story. I was asked if I had a 401k plan with my employer. Then I was told to ask my children ( who are all dependents. Then she said to ask a trusted family member or friend. Finally, she told me she would gladly accept credit card payment since she knew I had a Capital One credit card!! I have been given until 12 noon tomorrow as of the time I am writing this to figure out something or they will begin lien or garnishment proceedings. At this point, I am ready to give up. I feel like I'm in the middle of a nightmare and cannot wake up!

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