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Sep 03, 2015
RJM losers
by: Anonymous

This company thinks that they can harass people over bills from more than 13 yrs ago. You guys are so petty over $30.00 get a life.

Sep 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

OK so I admit that I had a checking account that got fees piled on fees. I never paid them and it went on credit report the last time I had anything to do with this account from VT was in 2007. I started getting letters this year stating that I had to pay.

Finally in June I got a letter from FIRST National Collection Bureau, Inc. I made payment arrangements to make four payments of $75.71 for four months. My second payment was due August 31. It is now September 2 and they never took the payment. I called FNCB and they said that RJM took the debt back. What do I do?

I already had arrangements to pay a portion of the debt and wipe that off my report. Do I till owe them if I already had payment arrangements and started paying it?

Reply from

We wish you had read our ebook first. Unless they had a judgment against you, this debt sounds like it was probably outside the statute of limitations and may be too old to appear on your credit reports anyway. Collection accounts can be reported for seven years plus 180 days from the date you first fell behind with the original creditor. If it's too old it should still be removed from your credit reports. But by making a payment you may have revived the statute of limitations. (As for the debt being sold or transferred, there's generally not a lot you can do about that.)

Jul 05, 2015
Can not believe it
by: Anonymous

This company is charging me for something that i order. I am getting charge for $771.00. I really do not know what is wrong with this people. I do not know where to ask. Or what to do.

Reply from

We assume you mean you are getting a collection notice for something you never purchased. As we explain in our book (which you can get for free at the link below), you can write to them, tell them that you don't believe you owe this debt and ask them to stop contacting you. Send your letter by certified mail. Download our ebook here.

May 30, 2015
seuss and children book collection
by: Maria Q

Those people lie...they sent to me a bill of 22.94 for a scholasatic account acct 3901. And RJM Acquisitions purchased "my account"23352160825 access code(the last 11 number) and are twelve.

OMG children book SEUSS AND OTHER etc and the "funny thing" is that my son have 28yr and my daughter 23yr and I don t have grandchildren. They don't verify the purchase account. I never sign in the post office to pick up those book for "children"..... Nevermind.

I m tire of this situation. I wrote a lot of letter. One of them said..... If you write to me again is because you are going to answer me When and How I ordered this e mail?, letter? or phone....never answered.


Reply from

Maria - We recommend you get our free ebook here so you understand your rights. If an account that doesn't belong to you is on your credit report, for example, and you can't get it removed, you may have a case for credit damage. In addition if you tell a collector the debt is not yours and ask them to stop contacting you, they must stop. If they don't you may be entitled to damages. We explain it all in our ebook which you can get for free.

Jan 28, 2015
15+ yr old debt
by: Anonymous

When I was 16 I ordered Cds from BMG Music. I'm 32 now, and this company is still reporting a past due account on my credit report! I wasn't old enough to be held responsible for this debt in the first place, plus it was 16 years ago: WELL past the statute of limitations! Send them a "Debt Validation" request!!

Reply from

Have you read our page on href="">how to dispute credit report errors?

Oct 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

They bought an old account from a bank 8 years ago
and have been leaving me threatening phone messages, calling my family members etc. even though that account was paid. The statute is 4 yrs
in my state!!! CALLING OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS IS TOTALLY AGAINST THE LAW!! Real Bottom Feeders, ugh!!!

Mar 17, 2012
RJM acquisitions or CAMCO or whatever
by: Anonymous

they call themselves now..
same pond scum trying to collect on an alleged Visa balance from over 26 -- that's right -- over TWENTY-SIX years ago that was not even mine to begin with. Do not bother to call these people. They aren't even registered as a collections agency by the Attorney General in my state.

Oct 19, 2011
What can be done ???
by: Anonymous

Just received a letter from this company for an account that already paid off 4 years ago.

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Have you asked the collection agency to verify the debt? Have you disputed it?

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