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Jun 06, 2012
Precision -- BAD COMPANY
by: Pam

I have a fradulent credit card debt on my Credit Report. As a result, it has messed up my credit and was recently denied a credit card. I have had perfect credit for over 30 years.

I have tried contacting Collins/Precision via telephone, fax and letter. No one will get back with me.

I am turning them into the BBB and filing suit.

Jun 03, 2012
A suprise summons
by: Anonymous

They have contacted a local Attorney group and sent me a summons for a line of credit six years old. Do not know if it is a valid debt as I have never received a letter etc. I will attempt to settle but if that fails, I will have my attorney remind them that we are on Social Security and they will get nothing in Illinois from us.

Apr 19, 2012
Impossible to contact
by: Anonymous

I have been trying to reach this company to resolve a debt for months and yet to receive a phone call back.

Feb 17, 2012
Want to pay bill
by: Anonymous

They don't pick up the phone to settle an account

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