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Mar 17, 2015
Just an observation
by: Anonymous

Collectors at Oliphant are given debt records and asked to collect on them .. I have read numerous statement about all of your complains.. If you are not the right person and have never had a bank loan .. Then why are you not telling them this and ask them to stop calling. It's very simple . We all have jobs to do and I truly believe that if you took out a loan morally you should pay it back..No matter how long or what state or whatever the circumstance.

It also baffles me that everyone is concerned with the statue of limitations .. Why? If and when you " never took out a loan" to which most of you realize M&T bank might have been called something else 6- 10 years ago and so on ... Why wouldn't you reconcile the debt that you owe and resolve the issue.. ?

Oliphant I'm sure just doesn't pick a name out of a hat and call people to collect monies when they have a great standing with the BBB.. What kind of example are you setting for your children ? And what type of person buys something and then because they wait too long to pay for it they expect something for free?? I'm sorry everyone should be aware of their rights, yes. But I assure you until you call and talk to someone .. And they are always at the office . Sat maybe closed .. Your problems will not be resolved ...

Nov 22, 2014
Judgement Made Without Notification
by: Anonymous

Opliphant Financial has had a judgement made against me, but I never received a summons to court. Now I have a certified letter from the sheriff's dept. stating that I have to pay $320.00 per week, which when added together is all that I make in a month. Failure to pay within 20 days they will have it garnished from my wages. How can I fight this since I was never summoned to this hearing?

Reply from

It may be possible to get a judgment vacated if you were never properly served but it's usually not a DIY project. The procedure varies by jurisdiction. Unfortunately we don't have step-by-step instructions for each state. You can check the court's website or talk to someone there.

The other option is to consult with a consumer bankruptcy attorney which is what we would recommend anyway since your wages are being garnished and you can't afford it. The attorney an help you understand your options, and may be able to help you try to get the judgment vacated or refer you to someone who can. You can get a free evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney here.

Nov 06, 2014
Oh, Omar...
by: Anonymous

I was contacted approximately 6 weeks ago by a young woman from Oliphant Financial who claimed that Oliphant was attempting to collect a debt of $845.21 which I allegedly owe on an unspecified "loan" originally generated at Premiere Bank, which has since been gobbled up by M&T Bank, which in turn sold this debt to Oilphant.

I've never heard of Premiere Bank and have never banked with M&T. I therefore requested information regarding the original transaction from Oliphant, and just received a form letter from same stating the amount of the debt and named the original creditor as Premiere. I phoned Oliphant and had a pleasant conversation with Omar, who was unable to provide any further information, with the exception of his declaration that the debt "wasn't a credit card." How can you know what something isn't, but not what it is?

I don't think that Oliphant is a scam-monger, but I do think making a living by purchasing ancient debts and hounding people who may or may not be responsible for them is, at best, sleazy. I live in NY and have no intention of participating in Oliphant's somewhat pathetic game. Omar seemed very nice. I hope he finds a new area of finance in which to work.

Sep 06, 2014
loan paid off
by: Anonymous

I here lots of things from the Internet saying they might try to use my credit card again and still claim I owe them more than the $1700 I just paid them... is this true? Will oliphant financial charge me again? Will they ever send the settlement papers saying I paid this loan off? Are they an honest company?

Reply from

As we recommend in our ebook, Debt Collection Answers (get it for free here, anytime you are making payments to a collection agency you should get the agreement in writing and it should clearly spell out how much interest will be charged, and how long it will take to pay off the loan. We don't recommend you make payments without a written agreement.

At this point you may want to send them a certified letter requesting a payment schedule to date and a schedule showing when your debt will be paid off.

Jul 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

I received a call from these people today telling me I owe a Capital One bill they are trying to collect. I explained I lost my job, lost my home and am trying to live on SS. The man demanded to know how much I rec. in SS. Very, very rude, tried to bully. I was told if I didn't make arrangements to pay, this would escalate. It can escalate as high as the Supreme Court....that is not going to give me more money. Scammers, bullies...unethical at best.

Apr 05, 2014
Judgment isued 09/14/01
by: Anonymous

I just got a letter from oliphant financial from my boss that says the he has to go to there office with paper work about me for this judgment from 13 years ago is this still even possible being 13 years old

Reply from

Unfortunately judgments can last for a long time - sometimes for 20 years - depending on the state in which the judgment was entered.

Mar 13, 2013
Does Oliphant have a lien
by: Larry

Oliphant is trying to collect a debt it purchased from M&T bank which was originally from Wilmington trust.. Does Oliphant have a lien or do thay have to file a lien with the recorder of deeds in my state?

Reply from

We aren't sure what you mean by whether they have a lien? Do you mean is there a judgment against you? If there is it will likely be listed on your credit reports.

Feb 03, 2013
Received a bill for a debt that was paid off.
by: Teri

I live in Florida and I bought a vehicle and financed it through Flamingo Financing. I defaulted on the payments and the car was repossessed. I did pay off the balance that was owed and got the vehicle back.

One year later I receive a bill from Oliphant Financial that says my debt from Flamingo Financing currently owned by Federal Pacific Credit Company, LLC has been forwarded to their office. The amount of the bill is $1000 more than what I had paid Flamingo Financing to get my vehicle back. I have the title to my car and the proof that it has been paid.

I called the 800 number on the letter and it goes straight to a voice mail saying there is no one available to take my call and to leave a message. I have yet to receive a call back from them. This has to be a scam. If anyone has the same experience you should never give any of your personal information when speaking to these people ex. social security number, birth date, drivers license number. If this is a REAL debt, they will already have that information.

Oct 30, 2012
Calling about 9 year old debt
by: Anonymous

Every week this company calls between 7-8pm on either Sunday or Monday. Each time I ask when the last payment was made on the card. They admit January 2003. This puts this debt at close to 10 years with no activity. I'm from California. The SOL has long since passed on this debt. I noticed every complaint is about this company hounding people for debt that can't be successfully collected in court unless they don't properly serve the debtor and attempt to get a default judgement. The courts are very aware of this little game and collectors who pull this routine can be severely held responsible through vacating and appealing such an attempt. Laws need to be instituted that end this calling nonsense on debts that are passed the SOL. There is no way I'd ever pay this debt. I paid the price through 7 years of horrid credit scores and multiple threats. If the o.c. didn't take me to court and no junk debt buyer like this took me to court within that 4 years it's done and over. I tried to make a reasonable payment plan for each debt at that time but only two creditors worked with me. My theory was since the others would not take the payments I could afford and they willingly trashed my credit then they can sue me and let a judge decide what a fair payment would be. My debt now has cobwebs. I paid my price and these collection agency's need to focus on debt that is still withing the SOL.

Reply from

We are wondering why you don't talk with a consumer law attorney? California has a strong state law and of course you always have the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. There's no reason you should be putting up with continual calls over a debt this way outside the statute of limitations.

Get free legal advice about debt collection here

Sep 20, 2012
Daily harassment for an alleged debt that would be more than 10 yrs ago in CT
by: Annoyed in CT

I receive an automated message EVERY day (even on Sunday) for an alleged debt (Premier Bank credit card?) which I have no record of. In 2002 when we bought our first home, all of our debts were paid in order to get the mortgage...where is the company getting this bizarre info? Is there a statute of limitations on something that I have no records of ???

When I did speak to a "live" person, they mispronounced my name, and insisted that I had to give them my SS#, bank info, etc...needless to say I DID NOT!!!

Is this type of harassment legal? Do I have any way of protecting myself from this??

Reply from

It's possible because you moved you are getting mixed up with someone who had your phone number or address before. We'd suggest you read our page that describes debt collection for someone else and what you can do about it.

Sep 03, 2012
Old house loan
by: Anonymous

My husband and I contacted M& T bank 5 years ago and told them that we could no longer afford our home. We turned it over to them and moved across state (Pennsylvania) and moved in with family. For almost five years we've heard nothing now I receive a letter from Oliphant demanding $25,000. Statue of limitations is 4 years in PA. Can they really take me to court for this?

Reply from

Given the amount of money you're talking about here it would be a really good idea for you to get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney to find out whether the statute of limitations has expired for this debt.

Aug 14, 2012
Calls for MT loan?
by: Anonymous

Omar with oliphant keeps calling and harassing me over a supposed unpaid loan with M&T Bank. I had a loan with M&T approximatly 20 years ago which according to M&T has been settled many years ago.

I'm not sure where Omar gets his information but it is erroneous. I tried explaining this to him but he would not listen. The statue of limitations has expired and I will lose no sleep over this.

FUNNY all complaints are regarding accounts through M&T Bank???? How is Omar getting all this misinformation?

Reply from

Debt collectors don't have a choice when it comes to "listening to" your dispute. You have rights.

You can read our page about sending a cease and desist letter to stop a debt collector. If the collector doesn't stop contacting you after getting that letter, contact a consumer law attorney - who can make sure they stop.

May 09, 2012
Same thing as April 29th -
by: Anonymous in NY

I was contacted by Oliphant Financial on April 30, 2012 saying they were calling to collect a on a credit card for Onbank. I never banked with them. When I told Omar this he said it was through M & T bank and gave me a date from May 1995 when the account was apparently opened. He said it went to collections in 1998 same as the person below...14+ years ago! My husband and I have no record of an account and it was never on my credit report ever??? Omar said it's not on my report because they haven't reported it. I asked what about M & T Bank, wouldn't they have if this was legitimate? He said he didn't know why but they bought the file and now are collecting.

What is the statue of limitations on something like this? If they can't produce anything other than an account number can they still keep up with this?

May 03, 2012
by: Anonymous


Reply from

You don't say what state you live in but in most states the statute of limitations would have expired by now. It may be that your information has been mixed up with that of someone by the same name. You may want to read our page about debt collection for the wrong person.

May 03, 2012
Old M&T loan
by: Anonymous

Oliphant Financial keeps calling me and telling me I owe $1100 from a delinquent loan with M&T Bank from 2001! However I have a mortgage with them (obtained in 2005) and several accounts - if I had any such delinquent account I am certain I would not have been able to get a mortgage with them! Something must be done about this! They then told me they would settle the debt for $350! This is a scam!!!!

Apr 29, 2012
oliphant bought a loan from M & T bank was over 14 years old
by: Anonymous

I have no recollection, paperwork, or files of having a loan with M & T Bank from almost 15 years ago. I was living in North Carolina at the time and in the middle of moving to Germany the month that the account was supposedly open. My wife and I have looked through our records and have found no such account with M & T Bank, but Oliphant continues to call even though I have expressed that we had no such debt. What can be done, since the statue of limitations for this has ran out, according to what I can find? I have had excellent credit for the last 15 years, to include receiving Security clearances / purchasing of homes, etc. with no problems or late credits on my credit reports during the supposed 14+ years of non-payment.

Reply from

It's not unusual for debt collectors to buy old debts and then try to collect them. You don't have to dig up old records to prove that this debt is too old, so don't get stressed over that.

If you believe the debt is outside the statute of limitations then you can send the collector a certified letter telling them that, and instructing them not to contact you again.

If they try to sue you for the debt, you can talk with a consumer law attorney .

Apr 19, 2012
oliphant bought a loan from M & T bank was over 10 years old
by: Anonymous

Omar from oliphant called me, I had a car repossessed over 10 years ago it had been totaled in an accident and my collision had been dropped.....can they do this?

Reply from

Whether or not they can take any action to collect depends on state law, including the statute of limitations. You didn't say what state you live in, so we can't provide any additional information.

Jan 17, 2012
Unwanted calls for wrong debtor
by: Anonymous

Oliphant keeps calling me about some credit card debt (I have none) for some credit card I have never had!

Reply from

It sounds like they are trying to collect a debt from the wrong person!

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