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Jul 31, 2012
Worst Company Standards on the Planet
by: Anonymous

I have never in my entire life dealt with such an irresponsible company before. They constantly "have glitches" in their system that will cause a payment to not come out. They don’t send paperwork proving payments, despite yelling at these people to please notate my account that I have an auto pay set up and to quit harassing me, they STILL continue to call and act like it’s a new issue. No one in their offices can keep accounts straight. This company needs to be taken out of business ASAP!! I wouldn’t be surprised if all the money that I’m paying to pay down student loans actually isn’t getting to the colleges.

May 15, 2012
on my credit report
by: Anonymous

I checked my credit report today and found where global acceptance credit had put a charge in the amount of $13,005 on my credit report april of 2011, are these people allowed to do this. I don't owe them a dime. This should be against the law.

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Hopefully it's just a mistake and they have you mixed up with someone else. We recommend you read our information about how to dispute credit report errors.

Apr 25, 2012
They lied to me
by: Krystalyn

My fiance hired a bankruptcy attorney and when we realized all of his debt was months away from being out of statute we decided to get our money back from the attorney and not file. I had called Global Acceptance and spoke with James Curzan who informed me my fiance debt was in their legal department but because of how old it was (being out of stat in 45 days) they were not pursuing anything and they in fact had taken all interest off down to the principle amount that was owed. I thought that was amazing!! One week later we started getting notices from local bankruptcy attorneys about a judgement that was recently filed on him. When I called Global Acceptance again they informed me no action had taken place. Because I work for a collection law office I pulled the info and they did file a judgement on him and now have an attorney suing him for almost $4,500!! Great to let me know the amount that was owed and the true status of this debt. And not only that they had hired an attorney months before I contacted them.

Apr 17, 2012
unprofessional call
by: Anonymous

Today I recivied a call from linda arcia and boy was she pissed and now I am pissed I don,t raise my voice to no one unless I am provoked and she crossed the line I don,t owe the original creditor one dime for unattended hours from Everest university which was turned over to these thieves. I pay all my creditors on time including the government loan and Everest university is a crooked school that will sell their account to global acceptance to collect charges that are not legit. 26 complaints every one can't be wrong. Consumers have rights too. Global are bottom feeders if they don't make a commission they don,t get paid get all communication in writing and simply say cease and desist all communication. Last but not least report them to the Federal Trade Commission and the attorney general.

Mar 14, 2012
this company is a fraud
by: Anonymous

This company tries to collect money by putting the fear of god into people,They train there collectors on what to say and so on. I worked for this company and the main goal is to either collect money or get fired,I worked next to collectors who yelled cursed and be little debtors to get money and the owner (name deleted) main concern is money.

They will get debtors to set up accounts to pay with there debit card and have them fax a authorize form for monthly payments then instead of doing what they was suppose to do they would hit the seniors checking account around the 1st of the month and take out money and these pour folks would call up crying begging for there money to be return and they would get yelled at screamed at.

So here is a few ways to handle GACC
1. Record every call.....*
2.If they don't say "this is attempt to collect a debt that's a lawsuit
3.If they say they are going to file suit and don't do it that's a lawsuit
4.If you tell them to ceased from calling your cell employer or home and they keep calling thats a lawsuit
5.If they disclosed any info to anyone besides your self or spouse thats a lawsuit
6.If they say"we are going to garnish your wages
and you live in a state that dont allow it thats a lawsuit
7. Remember when they say myname is shannon she is using a alias her name is (deleted)

I want every one who has dealt with this company to call your local atty gen office and complain and get this company right or get them out of business...

Oh ps for the investors out there that puts thousands or millions of your money into this company I would thin hard before why they are making you believe your buying new paper accts but all (name) is doing is taking uncollectable paper and changing dates on it so it looks like fresh paper and taking the new paper and selling it and collecting in in house or out source, they crooks and hide behind their atty.

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* Please keep in mind that in some states it is illegal to record a phone call without notifying the other party.

Dec 09, 2011
Rude & Unprofessinal
by: Anonymous

OMG!! These people rude and so unprofessinal..i couldnt believe this women Shannon. She needs to go back to tranning. I get a call from her demanding that I pay my college debt, she talked over me she yelled. When I told her I wanted to call my school for verification she was pissed. With the world today who wouldnt check things out before giving there money out. I never recieve a letter. And lucky for me my phone records my going to a lawyer... This company needs to be puy out of business.
And Shannon u need a job u can yell at people to get the job done..working off commision yelling at people isnt working for you. U guys suck!! Bad business move....

Nov 17, 2011
Unprofessional tactics
by: some with debt

They lie to make you think they are legal collectors. I talk to John Valarde a so call supervisor this man was so rude I dont see how no one could give him a supervisory position. I hung up on this guy he called me right back.

Oct 21, 2011
Out of control!
by: Anonymous

They're calling my sister in law in PA I live in NH.? I called and told them to stop and got into a screaming match with one of the workers. She said she could call because I gave the number which is a lie I don't even have her number?? This can't be legal they're out of control!

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It would be a good idea for you to free consultation with a consumer law attorney. If this debt collector is breaking the law, you may be entitled to damages and the collector may have to pay your attorney's fees as well. Let us know what happens!

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