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Jun 11, 2015

by: Gerri E.

If the debt collector is contacting you for the first time, she is legally obligated to follow up in writing with all of the details regarding the debt she wants you to pay. If she does not, then the collector has violated federal law and you may want to consult with a consumer law attorney who helps people resolve their debt collection problems. For example, you can get a free consultation regarding your problem by calling 888-747-6242.

If the collector does send you written information about the debt and if you agree that you owe the money after you receive the written information, you might try to settle the debt -- wipe it by paying less than you owe -- or work out a plan to pay what you owe over time. However, do not agree to a settlement agreement or payment plan that you cannot afford and don't pay any money until you get all of the terms of your agreement in writing.

To learn about all of your options and all of your legal rights when you are dealing with a debt collector, we recommend that you download our free ebook by going to

Jun 09, 2015
one sided
by: Anonymous

She called me and left a message that had skips in it so I lost some of phone number and talked so fast I couldn't understand her and did not say what company she represented. She called next day and again said her name and this time half way through message said the name of company, again talked to fast and I had to listen again several times to get the phone number. Called back and she was very loud and demanding and will not listen to what I say only what she wants and I have to abide and pay in full which there is no way I can or I will be taken to court.

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Have you received anything in writing about this debt? By law, a collection agency must send you a written notice within 5 days if they initially contact you by phone. We suggest you
get our ebook Debt Collection Answers for free so you understand your rights here. There is a strong federal law that helps protect consumers, but you must know your rights in order to stand up for them.

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