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Aug 26, 2014
Charge back
by: Anonymous

I am self employed. In 2002 was forced to file bankruptsy due to illness. In this bankruptsy was a $30,849.00 debt to MBNA for credit card debt. In 2008 the bankruptsy was discharged. In 2011 this company sent a 1099 to the IRS stating forgivness of debt in the above amount. Now I am being charged taxes on the entire amount (which by the way also includes alot of interest, which the company won't acknowledge. So now I owe the IRS over $6,000.00 in back taxes!! Is this fair, I don't think so---
What do you think?

Reply from

If you discharged the debt in bankruptcy you do not have to include it in your taxable income. There is an exclusion for debts wiped out for bankruptcy. But you must fill out Form 982 and include it with your tax return so the IRS knows why you are excluding it from your income.

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