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Jan 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have this collection, Gateway/CBNA on my three bureaus. I didn't know that was Citibank. It was for $900 and due to fall off in April 2016. My scores are now an average of 706 between all three. Does Citi blacklist? If so, that limits what credit cards I can apply for.

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We've heard mixed reports as so whether you can get an account again with them if you had an unpaid balance. But there are plenty of other major credit card issuers, so you should be able to find one that works for you.

Dec 17, 2015
No contact
by: Anonymous

Hello, been going crazy here. I just found out that my wife owed money from CBNA. I would like to pay it off so it can clear her credit report. The problem is, i can't seem to find a valid working number from these guys. Any help is appreciated at this point. Anybody??

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Please understand that paying a collection off does not remove it from your credit reports. We write about that in more detail in our book which you can download for free here. Also, by law your credit report must include contact info for any company reporting information. If it's not on there, the credit reporting agency must provide it to you.

Dec 13, 2015
Credit karma
by: Nina

Opened an account with credit karma to keep track of my student loans. However, I also saw that I owed almost 3k to THD/CBNA. I have no idea what this credit card is since I have not opened a credit card at all. How do I dispute this? How do I find out more information about this debt? Who do I contact?

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There should be instructions with your Credit Karma account that explain how to dispute a mistake. We've also written about it here: How to dispute credit report errors.

Nov 25, 2015
Settled but demanding payment
by: S. Brown

Back in April of 2013 I settled with this company for $2000.00. They took the money and now they are saying the have no record of the settlement agreement. I told them all calls are recorded so why don't you go back and play the recording. They stated I need to write them and then they will decide what they want to do with the account. It's wrong in ever which way when you agreed then you don't honor the agreement. Now I'm going back in forth with them and it's 2015 almost 2016. And you can never speak with a representative that lives within the United States!

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This is an example of why we always tell consumers not to settle unless they the details in writing, and then to keep copies of their agreement and payment records indefinitely.

At this point you have a few options: one would be to try to dig up proof of your payment (cancelled check or credit card statement for example) and send it to them with a letter instructing them not to contact you. If you don't have proof of payment, then you may need to try to fight back by either filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or by hiring a consumer law attorney to help you. Simply ignoring it may be risky; they may still try to take you to court in the hopes that you can't prove you paid them.

Nov 24, 2015
CBNA collection
by: Anonymous

I have been making the minimum payment required on the statement. Why would they send a collection agency after me?

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It's hard for us to understand your question. You've been making payments to whom? A credit card issuer? If so then it is hard to understand why you were turned over to collections. We need more information to be able to respond to your question.

Nov 19, 2015
CBNA on my Credit Report
by: Anonymous

I opened a Best Buy account two weeks ago. My credit report shows the Best Buy account (from Citibank) and then two weeks later CNBA appeared on my credit report. Other comments suggested that I need to contact Citibank at

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It's hard to say. CBNA collects a variety of debts so it may or may not be related to the Best Buy account. It sounds like you need to find out why they are listing a collection account on your credit report. Federal law gives you the right to dispute credit report information you believe to be inaccurate. We've written about
how to dispute credit report errors; you may want to review that information.

Nov 02, 2015
Best Buy Credit Card
by: Anonymous

I have cbna on my credit report, and it's my Best Buy credit card. They're the ones that gave me the loan!

Sep 11, 2015
cbna on credit report dont owe anything but have never had the card
by: Anonymous

There is an active card through these people on my credit report with an available balance and not owing any money on it and any payments that had been made in the past were paid on time, but I don't recall ever having this card or ever using this card. The people at the bank tell me its actually doing good for my report but if I have a credit card out there that's good i would like to have it in my pocket. I called Citi bank and they say they have no record of anyone with my social ever having an account with them. What should I do? How do I find this card?

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How odd. We really don't know what to suggest. You can dispute it on your credit reports but then it might be removed. Do you have a common name (could be mixed up with someone else on your credit reports) or perhaps you are an authorized user on someone else's account?

Aug 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

IF you find CBNA on your credit report it is not an agency in Dickson TN and it is not Credit Bureau of North America it is a credit card company in Sioux Falls SD or New York named Citibank North America. their web address is or their customer service phone number is 1 800 374 9700

Jul 08, 2015
by: lv

This has showed up on my credit report. I do not have anything to do with this company. Do not have any loans. Why is it on my credit report?

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Perhaps they have you mixed up with someone else. You have the right do dispute it. Please read our page about
how to dispute credit report mistakes.

Feb 18, 2014
Customer service
by: Anonymous

I had a CBNA account show up on a credit report from a local bank. I do not owe this money, and his did not show up 1 month earlier on a separate credit report. I am unable to speak to any human being about this matter. This is possibly a fraud issue, yet I can not get any information unless I pay them for a new credit report. This is horrible customer service, and a terrible automated service. Very frustrating, but this is normal for this horrible type of credit reporting business.

We have a page with instructions for disputing mistakes on credit reports and hope it's helpful.

Jan 29, 2014
Incorrect information on my credit score
by: Anonymous

January 29, 2014--Retrieved my credit report on line. Found an outstanding balance for $762 posted by BBY/CBNA. I have no knowledge of this bill, nor the company. I have never received a bill or a notice indicating that I owe this amount to anyone. What should I do to have this removed from my credit score report? This is a recent addition to my credit score report, and it is having a negative effect. Please help me.

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We have a page that describes how to dispute credit report errors.

Nov 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

I as well have an amount of $3499 on my credit report which is not mine since March 2012. What so I do to have this removed???

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Please read our page on href="">how to dispute credit report errors.

Apr 10, 2013
CBNA on your credit report
by: ANN

If you have an item that is showing on your credit report as CBNA, please dont call 615 229 1038 because it is the wrong number. the company you are actually looking for is Citibank North America in Sioux Falls, South Dakota below is their web address...

Dec 28, 2012
cbna on my credit report
by: Anonymous

I have discovered that CBNA was included in my credit report accompanied with a certain amount that seems to be an outstanding balance that has to be paid.I have not receive any bill nor calls about this particular unpaid amount. I don't even know where this unpaid amount came from.

Mar 24, 2012
Off MY Credit
by: Anonymous

I've found out that cbna have been on my credit report since 11/29/11 and i didnt even know about it i dont even know why or how only that i no it's hurting me an that i want them off.

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