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Jan 12, 2016
Calls is ridiculous
by: Anonymous

I guess somebody use my number as a back up number and they keep on harassing me about information on somebody I do not know who it us they are calling for they call me about 8 times a day trying to get the information on something I don't know they is getting ridiculous and I'm tired of him harassing me...

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Have you read our page about debt collection for the wrong person?

Dec 04, 2015
Atlantic Claims
by: Anonymous

They called me saying I defaulted on a loan in 2012 that I got online that I never got, they wanted to help me get it settled saying we could go to court etc etc he gave me a bunch of my personal information over the phone that he knew without me saying anything I told them I would call back what do I do? He said they obtained the loan from a lends online that I defaulted on I don't have any knowledge of that loan.

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Please be careful. What you are describing sounds like a scam. In our ebook we explain your rights and that includes the fact that the collector must send you written confirmation of the debt. Insist upon it. It sounds like you would benefit from reading our book. Download it here - it's free.

Oct 05, 2015
Atlantic & HSBC
by: Anonymous

I went to see a bankruptcy attorney about a garnishment from Atlantic Special Finance. They state it is from a loan the bought from HSBC, However the attorney pulled my credit report and it shows HSBC was in good standing and paid off. I just received a new letter asking my previous employer for any bank account info for me. What should i do?

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We're confused. Is the bankruptcy attorney not able to help you with the wage garnishment problem? If the attorney isn't able to figure it out it will be difficult for us to advise...

Oct 01, 2015
Direct Withdrawal
by: Anonymous

My Account from Care Credit was sent to Atlantic Credit and Finance, who has been harassing me for a month. Due to severe Identity death I've experienced this year , I have had to go thru a credit counseling company to pay my credit cards. Atlantic doesn't want this company to pay them because they send checks in the mail and there is no direct deposit. Atlantic wants my bank account info or they said a prepaid card. I'm scared this isn't legit, but they are on my credit history and I need to buy a car ASAP.

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It is not unusual for a collector to want to be paid directly but it is worrisome that the only option they are giving you is to debit money from your account.

is this a legitimate debt and do you believe you owe them this money? If so, can you ask your bank if you can set up a second account and you can just keep the money in there to pay the collector?

Also, please keep in mind that paying a collector does not remove the collection account from your credit reports, and with the most commonly used credit scores it doesn't even help your credit scores to pay it off. Be careful. Talk with your credit counselor and listen to their advice on this. They have a lot of experience with consumers in these kinds of situations.

Feb 12, 2015
law suit question
by: Anonymous

My husband being sued by atlantic credit and finance for old loan from beneficial Have received
notice of motion for order enforcing litigants rights there is a docket# on it says superior court at the top. They want him to fill out questionnaire with financial questions want bank account # and vehicle and property info. He has recieved nothing from the court Is this document real are they just trying to get bank account info? they are threatening that if he doesnt answer questions he will be arrested! Please help thanks

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So sorry we are just answering this question.

Do not complete the form without speaking to a consumer law attorney first. It would be very risky to share your financial information with Atlantic Credit, or any collection firm that wants you to pay a past due debt. Among other reasons, you have no assurance that they will not go into your bank account and take your money.

Also, it sounds possible that this collector may have violated the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which prohibits collectors from threatening a consumer with arrest if he or she does not pay a debt. Therefore, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. This is another reason why you should consult with a consumer law attorney immediately. Find out how to get free or low-cost help with your debt collection problems here

Jul 17, 2014
daughters death = her bill

My daughter had a credit card for 4000 with BOA in 05 " don't really know the year per say: and loss her job and couldn't pay : at any rate in 07 she developed cancer and i had to go to help her outside of my state: while I was there this company purchased the debt and before that the bank sent a notice that it was a write off: I was not a co-signer but I was authorized to use her card because she was not able to go get things she needed because she was born with a lymphatic conditions which was a life time health issue! She developed cancer in that part of the problem area:09 she passed away and ONE YEAR after I returned home I received a garnishment from the courts on this bill: I called and told the lawyer who I was and the situation and asked him why I would have to pay for the card: he claimed because I am an authorized user : I explained the card was not mine and I didn't use it for any of my needs! He said he had a garnishment and its too late now : I REFUSE TO PAY IT WHICH IS NOW 11,874,00 : I told him what he did was illegal because on the contract my daughters name was the only one on it!WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE HIM SIGN A RELEASE OF LEAN ?

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We are so sorry to hear of your daughter's death. Please talk with a consumer law attorney. Misrepresenting the nature or status of a debt is illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If the collection attorney did break the law the consumer law attorney may be able to help you at no charge since the collector will have to pay the legal bills. If you need help locating one you can call the Debt Collection Hotline at 888-747-6242.

Jun 05, 2014
Atlantic Credit and Finance
by: Anonymous

I had a judgement placed on my credit by Atlantic Credit and Finance by a attorney and now the judgement is released from my credit report but I can't get a release form from the court house because neither company will report that it is satisfied!

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We don't understand what you mean by "released from your credit report." Does that mean they stopped reporting it? That could be for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with whether the judgment has been satisfied or not. In other words, just because it is not on your credit reports that doesn't mean it is resolved.

However, if you have satisfied the judgment then the creditor must tell the court that. The procedure varies but in many states if they fail to do so within a reasonable time the judgment creditor can be liable for damages. We suggest either consulting a consumer law attorney (who should offer you a free consultation) and/or sending the judgment creditor a certified letter stating that you need them to notify the court that the judgment is satisfied or you will be consulting an attorney.

Nov 04, 2012
Release of Judgment Order
by: Anonymous

Recently reviewing my credit report I discovered that Atlantic Credit & Finance & obtained judgment against me in a court for over $5,000. Problem is, they have since sold this debt and I have been repaying a different company. The initial judgment order still shows up on my credit report and in the court.

Aren't debt collection agencies required to dismiss or discharge any judgments they place in a court against you? They don't have a problem putting them there, they should take the same amount of concern when they no longer own or servicing the debt.

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These judgments can be sold just like old debts and it creates a huge mess. Once you've paid the new company they should file the paperwork necessary to have the judgment released - but you may have to stay on top of them to make sure they do!

Mar 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

I recently received a call from john p fry associate who wants 12,000 dollars I told them to provide a statement of explanation and who the creditor was they said hsbc I said I never received a bill or statement from them , she called my job twice I told them to cease calls they were bad mouthing my wife . They wanted to go to my 401 k I said no I will not give payment till get a itemized statement of account. What is the next step?

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John - Debt collectors are required by law to send you written notice of the debt within 3 business days of their initial contact with you. If a collection agency did not or will not do this, it may be violating federal law. The next step in that case would be to get a free legal advice about your debt collection situation.

Nov 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Just received first letter of collection from John P. Frye P.C., Atlantic Credit and Finance has purchased the account and been placed with The Law Offices. Records reflect that I owe 8279.47 to previous HSBC.

My initial call to Frye P.C., I spoke with a Billy Dialy, as I inquired about what type of payment arrangement I could make regarding this, Billy asked me if I have a 401K or a Life Insurance Policy. Would not take less than a down payment of 25% or 2,269.00 in order to make monthly payment arrangements. I do not have access to the down payment and offered to pay 200.00 down and 200.00 per month. Billy put me on hold for apx 5 minutes and came back and told me they could only do payments of 344.00 per month., I explained that I do not have the capability to do this amount and he asked me how do I afford my car payment. I explained that I do not have the income to pay the amount that he was requesting and he hung up the phone on me. Any suggestions?

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A collector isn't required to accept whatever you can afford to pay. At the same time, you can only afford to pay what you can afford to pay. If you can't come to an agreement they may decide to try to sue.

Try calling again and ask to speak to a supervisor. If they won't work with you, tell them you will have to talk with a bankruptcy attorney - and then do that.

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