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Dec 11, 2015
threatening phone calls
by: Anonymous

I have received repeated rather angry phone messages on my voice mail. When I called back I was directed to a recording where I left my attorney's phone number and fax number. A few weeks would go by and the calls would start again on my private, unlisted landline. When ARS receives my attorney contact information and are told not to call this number again, they persist anyway. The next time they call I am filling out a police report for harassment.

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Have you discussed these calls with your attorney? That's the next step we would suggest.

Dec 03, 2015
to your letter
by: janice

I'm on disability and I can't pay this. I don't draw much can't pay. Please understand. I know you won't but that a ok with me.

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We are not the collection agency. If your income is entirely from disability and you don't have other assets, your income may be protected from debt collectors. Please read our page about being judgment proof for more information.

Jun 24, 2015
Asset Recovery Solutions trying to collect beyond Statute Of Limitations
by: Anonymous

Apparently, they purchased a debt from an old Sears account which became a judgment even though I was never properly served for the court case. However, the representative from Asset Recovery Solutions stated the judgment was renewed, but when they sent me the court transmittals it was very clear Sears had never renewed the judgement. The original judgment date was 2000 and is far beyond the Statute of Limitations for credit reporting of the FCRA and California law. When I asked the representative from Asset Recovery for a copy of the judgment renewal, he immediately emailed me requesting that I speak with him to discuss the account.

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If the judgment has expired and it's no longer on your credit reports, why not simply send the collector a cease contact letter?

Mar 20, 2015
Do not say who the debtor is
by: Anonymous

They call and ask us to call them. They do not say who they want to call them back because there is three adults in the house and they do not say who they represent. I am not going to call them back because I do not know who or what they are trying to collect for. We have never received a letter from them so why shoud I call them back when as far as I know they are calling for someone else.
They have never stated who they are calling for and who they represent. Without that information I will not call them back.

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While we can understand your concerns, our concern is that they may be sending correspondence to an old address for one of you, and perhaps even filing a lawsuit you may not know about. At a minimum, we would recommend each of you get your free credit reports at to see what is reported there.

Feb 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

I received a settlement letter from this company and was unable to pay that week and I called maybe a week later to go ahead and settle with them and when I spoke to a young lady she was very rude she would not accept the payment stating I should have paid when I got the letter then because the settlement was a lot less than the balance I asked if I would be able to pay still and she told me a different balance saying the other offer was not valid any longer so I informed her I didn't have that amount she instantly had a attitude with me again. so I decided to call a different time and everyone keeps transferring be back to her to work my account and she never allows me to speak with a manager.

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It seems amazing sometimes, doesn't it, the lengths some collectors will go to NOT get paid? You could always try sending a certified letter to the agency stating your offer and see if someone else will respond. Or file a complaint with the CFPB.

Jan 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

So I called ARS to receive my balance details from a debt that I owe, and pay automatically every month. The man informs me on the phone that my November payment was never processed, and my account is out of good standings. I tell the man that my payments are set up automatically and I've never missed one since I've set up payments over 2 years ago.he then tells me that it was my problem and I need to double pay to stay out of collections. I told the man I couldn't afford to make another 100$ payment this month and he said it was my problem. I then asked why I have never gotten any mailings or voice mails to address this problem? He continues on and on saying it was against the law to leave a voice Mail on my phone? Seriously? I also requested a documentation/summary of my account and he told me he was not obligated and won't send me one. These people are rude obnoxious, and uneducated about their company and customers. If I could change my agency to make payments with them I would!!

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You may want to file a complaint with the CFPB.

Oct 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

Collector was very rude and harassing to my mother. Demanding payment from an elderly woman. Yelling at her. Per CFPB your supposed to be customer service. They also threatened her with an attorney a complaint will be filed!!!

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Your mother may want to talk with a consumer law attorney about her rights. If the collection agencies actions are illegal, she may be able to get free legal help and be entitled to damages as well. Find out how to get free or low-cost help with your debt collection problems here. Her other option would be to file a complaint with the CFPB.

Aug 03, 2014
Debt back?
by: Anonymous

I paid off an overdue student loan with this company and put it behind me. Now my wages are being garnished for that same student loan I paid off 9 months ago! They are not answering my calls/emails to explain why it wasn't taken off my credit report. What do I do???

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Get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney right away. In the scenario you described it's possible the collection agency violated two federal laws, and you may be entitled to free legal help as well as damages.

Find out how to get free help with your debt collection problems here

Jun 04, 2014
Withdrawing from checking
by: Anonymous

I feel so stupid!! I gave them my bank account information thinking that I'm doing the right thing. Now that I lost my job I can't afford to pay my monthly payment. Do I have the right to tell them to stop taking money out of my checkings. Please help!! I would like to with draw from autopay!! HELP!!!!

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You can always revoke access to your bank account. We recommend you do it in two ways: send them a certified letter (you can call first if the money is about to come out of your account) and talk with your bank to find out what you need to do. Hope this helps!

May 29, 2014
At Least It's Paid
by: K.L.M.

I got a call from ASR in December of last year. They were polite and courteous on the phone and I appreciated that. My debt was legit, I don't dispute that, and I wanted to pay it. But they have a payment program which requires the bill to be paid off in 6 months. AND there is an additional 10$ fee for them to take the money from your account every month. OK, I work in collections myself, I know what kind of control the collectors have (And it isn't much) so I am willing to let all of that slide. My problem is not with the collectors. They are nice people.

MY PROBLEM: I agreed to pay the minimum monthly balance at the end of each month. The last Friday, specifically as that is when I get paid and I knew that the money would always be in my account if they took it immediately on the last Friday of the month. BUT THEY STARTED TAKING THEIR PAYMENTS TOO EARLY!!! By my last payment they were 4 days early in taking the money and I was overdrafted by my bank. Thankfully my bank was able to reverse the overdraft as a "one time courtesy" but COME ON PEOPLE! An agreed upon date of payment does not mean you can take the money early. That's not ok! I could have been majorly screwed if I didn't have enough in my savings to cover the loss!

At least it's all paid off now. Hopefully I can get a letter stating the balance has been paid. Seems like some people have had a problem getting that statement of completion in the past.

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Yes, we've heard complaints from consumers about various collection agencies taking payments too early and/or failing to provide a statement that a debt has been paid off. The former is one reason we don't recommend giving a collector access to your bank account information.

Mar 14, 2014
Paying Interest
by: Anonymous

I was told if I setup a payment arrangement that all late fees and interest would stop by Asset Recovery Solutions LLC but as of today interest is still coming out. Now it seems like I am still behind because they are taking out almost half of my payment. Is this fair can they still charge me interest?

I got a call from ASR in December of last year. They were polite and courteous on the phone and I appreciated that. My debt was legit, I don't dispute that, and I wanted to pay it. But they have a payment program which requires the bill to be paid off in 6 months. AND there is an additional 10$ fee for them to take the money from your account every month. OK, I work in collections myself, I know what kind of control the collectors have (And it isn't much) so I am willing to let all of that slide. My problem is not with the collectors. They are nice people.

MY PROBLEM: I agreed to pay the minimum monthly balance at the end of each month. The last Friday, specifically as that is when I get paid and I knew that the money would always be in my account if they took it immediately on the last Friday of the month. BUT THEY STARTED TAKING THEIR PAYMENTS TOO EARLY!!! By my last payment they were 4 days early in taking the money and I was overdrafted by my bank. Thankfully my bank was able to reverse the overdraft as a "one time courtesy" but COME ON PEOPLE! An agreed upon date of payment does not mean you can take the money early. That's not ok! I could have been majorly screwed if I didn't have enough in my savings to cover the loss!

At least it's all paid off now. Hopefully I can get a letter stating the balance has been paid. Seems like some people have had a problem getting that statement of completion in the past.

Mar 11, 2014
Unbelievably Rude
by: Anonymous

Just got a call to do business with them. They would collect our past dues. When I stated we did not have any major past due accounts, they hung up without a word. This prompted me to look them up and that's how I got here. They are complete idiots. Who hangs up on a potential client in the middle of a sales call?

Mar 04, 2014
What the f!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I just got my credit report and I owe them 100.00 supposedly, but I called the number I looked up on the internet, they said I was no where in their system and they could not find me. I don't know what it is for or even how to get rid of it.

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Dispute it directly with the credit reporting agency. If it is not confirmed it will be removed. If it is not removed then file a complaint with the CFPB. (Make sure you check your credit reports with all three agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion as they don't share information with each other and the mistake may be on more than one report.)

Dec 19, 2013
called my home out of the blue
by: annap

Claiming some debt for someone who does not, and never has lived at this location - and this has been our number for years.... called back again and i explained again - but they kept calling....

so i finally had enough - and called them back - i asked to speak to a manager, i was refused, i asked again and was hung up on. so i called back. i asked to speak to a manager and was refused, i asked again and was hung up on...

so i called back - and guess what happened this time - if you say i was refused and hung up on - you are wrong! this time when i called the first thing that was said to me was "this is the police" and then "shit" and then "click" the phone hung up.

so i called back the next time - i explained now that they had violated federal law in several instances, but most importantly pretending to be a police officer is a very serious offense that could carry jail time. this time i got the manager.

when i spoke to the manager - he did not apologize, instead he told me he was recording the conversation. i did not give my consent nor did he ask for it (more on this in a moment) he told me = they are not required to follow federal laws on do not call lists, etc, and could call my house as mush as they liked. i told him he may not call my house as much as he likes - and they already had violated both my privacy, security, and civil rights.

he hung up on me

so i called back - he hung up on me - so i called back again - and he hung up on me - so i called back from a different number.. and got a different woman - i asked her to transfer me to the manager and she did - this time i told him that he had recorded my phone call - but that i had not given my consent, nor had he asked for it.....when i explained that Massachusetts is a two party consent state and that they had violated mass. wire tap statutes he said i am stupid and that was not true - i said in fact it is indeed true and he was now in violation of several laws - and guess what - he hung up on me again.

so i came here to find out what i can do about this company

i want to press charges against them for all of this illegal behavior...

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We agree that it's a good idea to get legal advice about this situation. Find out how to getfree or low-cost help with your debt collection problems here. Let us know what happens!

Nov 21, 2013
blacklist this company
by: Anonymous

This company keeps calling my cell-phone looking for my son. When I explained that this is MY cell phone, they told me my son had listed this numbers as his home number and they have to keep calling it because I "refuse" to give them a correct phone number for him. (I don't have one for him as we are estranged). I told them this was harassment for continuing to call this number and he started to argue with me.

This company is now on my blacklist.

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Did the calls continue? If so be sure to talk with a consumer law attorney as they may be breaking the law, and if so you may be entitled to damages and get your attorney' fees paid by them as well.

Get free legal advice about debt collection here

Oct 29, 2013
False payments
by: Scott

I had a car repo back in 2009 and the Statute of Limitations in NC on car repo's is 3 years which means it should have been up in May 2012. After checking my credit report earlier this year it is showing a payment made in Dec. 2011 and then ARS put it on my credit report as a collection dated Jan. 2012 making it look on my credit report as though I am still with in the SOL. The Original creditor has it as a charge-off and dated correctly.I know for a fact that I made no payment in Dec. 2011. I have been paying a credit law agency $99 a month for last 6 months to get this taken care of and all they do is send out letters. I did finally get them to send out an escalation letter on this matter but even that has done no good.What else could be done about this?

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The time period for reporting collection accounts and the statute of limitations are often two different time periods. Please read this information: what you can do about Collections accounts on credit reports.

Oct 11, 2013
Unlawful Tactic
by: Anonymous

Recieived a call at home by these worms, looking for someone we don't know, but with our last name. It was a recording left on our machine about this person owing a debt and that an arrest warrant had been issued for her concerning the debt.

I informed them of their mistake on the name AND that that pretending to be a law enforcement gency about to "arrest" somebody over a debt IS AGAINST THE LAW.

Don't guess they'll be annoying me over somebody else's problem anymore.

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This sounds suspicious. You may be getting calls from a scammer rather than from a collection agency.

Oct 07, 2013
Hardship--disability--not able to pay ! !
by: Anonymous

I have been having an amount withdrawn from my bank account for several months. I can no longer pay or have this amount deducted from my account. I need to make arrangements for an eventual payment of this debt, although I'm not sure I can ever pay off this amount.

I am on "social security disability" and even had to resign my work at an earlier year due to this disability. I also have a small amount from a retirement that I paid into during my life--this amount is quite small. My living is ok, IF I don't ever have anything "unexpected" arise. I do not have a car and the amount of rent for apartment (which is a very nice residence) is on a sliding scale if you are a senior citizen.

Due to an accident, one and one-half years ago and even with a great insurance company (Humana) the total of my medical and dental expenses have reached to over $10,000.00. 2 shoulder surgeries. 3 oral surgeries. My jaw was broken and along with medical issues I have been to DENTIST(many times) ORTHODONTIST--braces, splints(etc) and also going from 5 teeth needing to be removed--I have eventually needed my "entire bottom teeth" removed--ORAL SURGERY--an impression made and am waiting for my denture to be fitted. All of these issues and PAIN--not being able to talk--spending month after month eating(drinking) soup, yogurt, baby food, smoothies, bananas, mac & cheese, cottage cheese and applesauce--you get the idea. My out-of-pocket and co-payments have been about 50%--60% with insurance paying remaining. I counted last night, and my amount remaining to be paid to above Dr's is about $5,000.00 and I am making minimum payment to these office's.
I am supposed to have an amount withdrawn from checking account October 15. I can not pay and have informed my bank to "stop" any already arranged payments from any body or any company.

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There may be nothing they can do to collect from you and it may be time to let the collectors know you simply won't be able to pay them. You may want to read this article: judgment proof.

Jun 29, 2013
I never even had an account with the company they are collecting for
by: Anonymous

I received a collections letter from Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC. It was in regard to a past due account with Embarq. The thing is that I have never had an account with Embarq. They do not even offer service in my area.

The bill has my name, but it is backwards. My first name is the last name, and my last name is the first name of the person being billed.

So, I wonder, was it just a mistake? Could there really be a person out there with my name, except it is reversed?

This would mean we had different social security numbers. And this should mean that I would not be billed for another person's account.

But, what if they stole my identity and used my social security number to open the account?

I would like to find out what the hell is going on. THe problem is that none of the relevant businesses have customer service on the weekend. I received the collections notice late Friday afternoon. I am in a different time zone which is 3 hours later than the CT time zone where this ignorant Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC is located.

Long story short, these people should not be allowed to exist on our planet.

Jun 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am sick and tired of this damn company calling me at all hours of the day and night, even on weekends. They call from different area codes, are deceiving, obnoxious, rude, have absolutely no professionalism. Even if your job is to collect a debt, there is absolutely no reason to be so damn rude. If I was their boss I would feel completely ashamed about the way they carry their business.
I am a single mother of three teenagers, a full time nursing student, and full time worker at a hospital, third shift and these people in this company will not stop calling me at all hours. And yes I owe a bill for $136, which I though i had already paid in full, only to find out that this was a different bill for the Dr. who read the report/radiology. Fine, I owe the bill, and I made a payment arrangement and these SOB still call me everyday!!! They act like I owe $163 millions!!!! They should be grateful that Im even paying it on my budget. And i dont appreciate being told it will be reported to the credit bureau like Im going to go and cry myself to sleep now. Little do they know my credit already sucks and I dont give a rats ass. However, Im trying to do the right thing here... so leave me alone, stop calling me. I only owe $20.00 now. Really, is it necessary to hound a person down for $20 even when theyve been paying as promised. $20.00!!!! Not $20 MILLIONS!!!

Jun 01, 2013
moron collectors
by: Anonymous

I went into drill sergeant mode on one girl named candice and i made her cry. I am so sad now.

Apr 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Threatening,called a Liar, ask for paperwork proving debt,debt has doubled in 2 Months, request paper work by mail. They do not want to send payments made on debt in past. They cannot show me any proof of past history, only maintain that I should have those records. Blow up my phone with different numbers everyday. Called their complaint department, was treated in like manner. He also called me a Liar. Then said have a good day!

Feb 16, 2013
Processing fees
by: Anonymous

I can only afford $100 a month on my debt and they are charging me an extra $9.95 a month just because I can't afford $300 a month. Is that legal??

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That seems excessive to us. Your contract and state law cover how much they can charge, but again, that amount seems high. We'd suggest you get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney.

Feb 12, 2013
debt collecter
by: Anonymous

There calling me at all hrs of day and night saying i owe this and they will do everything in there power to collect. I'm filing a complaint with the attorney general.

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You may also want to talk with a consumer law attorney. You can get a free consultation to find out whether this collector appears to be breaking the law.

Jan 30, 2013
Extremely Rude
by: Anonymous

I received a message from this number regarding a debt and I returned the call. They answer the phone not even with a hello, but an overbearing male demanding if you are a certain person. They were asking for someone who was not at my number. The name was similiar to mine but I wasn't sure if they were actually looking for me and if so why? So I just asked the name of the company.

Mr. K, as he calls himself refused to give me the company name. He again asked for the person, and said "if he's not at this number just tell me and fine." I stated again that I wasn't sure but what is the name of the company.

Again he refused, just kept telling me that I made no sense and therefore he would not give me the company name. He told me I didn't make sense and refused to give me the company name. After several minutes of his rudeness I told him that there was no need for him to be such an a$$ and he hung up on me.

I called back hoping to get somebody who could confirm the company name but guess who I got, the un-friendly un-cooperative Mr. K. I told him that I would not speak with him but I wanted to know if this call was in regards to me or not, but he refused to send me to talk to anyone else. He finally told me the name of the company, but refused any other cooperation.

Apparently Mr. K. is not really looking out for the best interests of his company, because if he was he would have given me to someone else to straighten out the situation. Nobody should ever hire this company to collect a debt because if I ever have a debt with this company I would rather go bankrupt than give them a penny. The privacy act does not equal rudeness and does not give your company name a wall to hide behind.

Jan 09, 2013
ARS Payment Rude!
by: Anonymous

I have been getting calls now and thin from ARS saying I owe money. I know very well I that I don't. So I decided to call them back and see what they were up to. Some lady pick up the phone and I said "you guys keep calling about some debt" and she hung up really quick. So I called back again an got some guy and this time I just said "I just got a call from this number?" and then he ask from some other person's name and I told him his got the wrong number and we hung up. I don't see why it could not have been that easy the first time. Hopefully they will stop calling, or I will just have to block their number.

Jan 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

A woman named Charlene just called me, I missed her call yesterday and today - I called them back as I did not know the number (there was no voicemail)- and I get a computer stating, "All of our representatives are currently busy" then a quick pick up with her voice on the other end "HELLO!?" When I asked who it was she replied with her name, then she asked for me by my first name. I asked again who it was calling me, and she said "CALLIN' You? You just called me!" And I replied, "No ma'am, you called this number, I'm returning the phone call. May I again ask who's calling?" Again she replied with her name, and said "We've been trying to contact (my first name)." At which time I asked who "WE" was and that was the only time she responded to tell me it was Asset Recovery Solutions.

She proceeded to announce that they would claim my assets (too bad for them Hurricane Sandy took all my assets).

Beware. Their magic jack number in New Jersey is a (732) 361 number

Dec 10, 2012
Rude!!!! And confusing!
by: Anonymous

I received a call at my job today from a Jessica. She would not stop talking long enough for me to change to a phone that I could speak on. Once I finally was able to change phones she told me that I needed to schedule more payments because they can only be scheduled so far out and my balance was not done yet. I have been paying on this loan the entire time, the payments only stopped because they had only scheduled them until now. I was supposed know that they had been trying to call me for 3 weeks? No messages and no letter stating to call them or that my payments were almost over. So, Josh her supervisor who she transferred me to the second I started asking questions. He was even ruder and just completely could careless about anything I said. He said I was being uncooperative because I did not give my bank account to them right then. What is the saying don't give anyone who calls you your personal information!!!!!

Sep 27, 2012
Rude Customer Service Reps
by: Emily in Detroit

Received a call from ARS regarding a balance I did owe and was going to take care of with Casandra. I tried to make payment arrangements with her, she was very rude so I asked to speak with her supervisor and he was even ruder. They did not want payment arrangements and said they were unwilling to take my $100.00 per month. I owe them $1,000.00. I was willing to pay more per month if I could, but $100.00 was a sure thing. He said he would take other action. What a company.

Sep 21, 2012
Someone with some bad debt but not a deadbeat
by: Anonymous

I actually owe the debt they are calling about and am willing to take care of it, however can not at this time. I told the guy that called that I could do nothing until November and then I could make some arrangements. He started in with the "scare tactics" such as "I see you own property and are gainfully employed and you have a mortgage for x amount and a auto loan for x amount "not really saying that he could take my property or garnish my wages, but said enough to try and get me to believe it. He then followed that up with "I'll just tell my client you are refusing to pay, good luck"

Folks know your rights and check into the laws. In my state a debt collector can not seize property or garnish wages without a court order. He did not succeed in bullying me.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. That's what we are all about here - trying to help consumers understand their rights so they can resolve their debts. You may also be interested in this interview where we talk about why "refusal to pay" is a bogus threat.

Listen to interview about debt collection rights here.

Sep 19, 2012
Lied to on the phone
by: Anonymous

A representative from this company contacted me and made arrangements to withdraw money from my account. The credit card account was actually paid off. However they talked me into making arrangements to have it automatically withdrawn from my checking account without any written documentation. I called the credit card company and they verified the account was paid in full. I also contacted the FTC and the state attorney's office. I had to change my bank account and put a stop payment on the agreement. How legal is this?

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Unfortunately, it was a mistake was to pay the debt before you received written confirmation and could verify the debt. Have you been able to get your money back from the collection agency?

Aug 17, 2012
by: Belleville, Michigan

This is a number they use when you are in the 734 area code. 734-325 comes out of Belleville, MI, through LLC communications which is actually a Magic Jack. This is a common practice amongst collection agencies.

They set up a number in every area code with a Magic Jack while calling you from their central office. I am very hip to the tactics of a collection agency. Next week they will use a different area code and number to call me umpteen times a day.

I know this post will probably not last long but for those of you who see it, just never pick up the phone unless you know who it is calling. Beware of Spoof Cards as well. If they find a relative's phone number they will mask their call with a number you may be familiar with. What ever you do, do not call them from your place of employment if they request you call back a toll free number. using *67 will not mask your call when calling a toll free number.

Many people are not aware of this. One they have your work number they will start calling there which could result in problems at your job. If you are terminated due to them calling your place of employment keep good records and get an attorney involved. A collection agency is not permitted by law to call your job under any circumstances.
Document the day and time you are getting calls if they start with that. Keep your home Caller ID records on paper and stored in the phone if possible. If you can prove harassment your attorney will get you a nice settlement from them. I know, i just cashed a check for 17 grand which was a settlement from the agency and my debt was wiped clean.

Document everything and you have a case. Especially if they call you job even once after you told them not to and can prove it. Keep a small digital recorder available to record your end of the call only. Do not record their conversation, it's illegal, just jot down what was said to you and have your recording to corroborate the calls. Good Luck. some are relentless until they have to pay out.

May 23, 2012
Very rude
by: Torres3490

I also spoke o mr.k , but I just paid the balance so they can leave me alone...he said I'll receive a letter in 30 days releasing me from the debt.
I'll be back to give u all an update

May 13, 2012
Withdrawing from checking
by: Anonymous

A representative from this company contacted my wife and made arrangements to withdraw money from my account. This card did not have any association with my wife however they talked her into making arrangements to have it automatically withdrawn from our mutual checking account without me agreeing or speaking with them directly about the debt. So after a few automated payments, and close calls regarding funds being available I contacted them to stop the auto withdaws. When I called to do so they began making vague threats regarding contacting my employer. How legal is this?

Apr 13, 2012
Breaking the law and threatening.
by: Anonymous

I have had a Mr. K call me. Would not give his full name. I told him not to call my cell phone again, and if he does, he is breaking the law. He said he will call everyday as many times a day. He also threatened my job and home. He was rude to me, and told me I need to get my facts straight about the law. I know they are breaking all kinds of laws.

Apr 03, 2012
The 5th collection agy in six years
by: Anonymous

This is the 5th collection agency trying to collect a non-existing debt since 2006. Apparently someone at Levitz before they went bankrupt reported an $88 debt but never said for what nor answered calls, mail, etc. they apparently sold their receivables to a company, that company sold to another, etc. including a "law firm" and good old HSBC bank. None have been able to say what the obligation is-by now with the interest the $88 is approaching $500. ARC is now calling me at work, a government agency and they always start by asking to verify very personal questions but will not answer anything.

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Sounds like it's probably time to get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney!

Feb 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I left a certain collegemore than 8 years ago and never received a bill from them that I owed them money, 7 years later I start receiving letters from Asset Recovery that I have a balance that I owe to the school.
I am in the process of checking with the school about this and don't beleive I owe anything other than student loans that were given to me while I attended the school. I recently was scammed on another loan that I did not owe so I am on alert for things like this.

Jan 27, 2012
Just being helpful he says......lmao
by: Just fell off the turnip truck

My wife got a call from ARS stating that someone had stolen my SS number and he was just trying to be helpful....and for me to call back ASAP. LMAO.
Now this is for a debt that is over 15 years old. Get real.

Dec 01, 2011
Send what you want!
by: back@u

ARS bought my debt. They have the audacity to charge you if you pay over the phone, which I found out today. $6.95. They got me last month with that bogus charge, which is really stupid on there part. That $6.95 could have went toward the balance and more commission to them! You can literally send them whatever amount you want! They do not send bills to you if your payment is under $50 per month. Which tells me they want you to hunt them down and send them money. Good luck with that!

As long as you are paying on your balance-any amount, they can huff and puff but cannot blow your house down! If you know your rights, they try to use scare tactics, which is really called "bullying". Beat them at their game and send what you can monthly.

They do not control you or your budget! I'm sure they are in debt as most of the country

Nov 22, 2011
payment fees
by: Anonymous

I explained to them I only work p/t because of physical disability and that I could send them $50 month and their response was that they would accept that but $19 would be a service charge and only $31 would be applied to the account. I told them I dont agree to those terms so they hung up on me and now they blow up my phone 4-5 times a day but they dont leave a message.

Oct 26, 2011
ARS harasses nurses at work !
by: Anonymous

These ARS 'people' use different numbers from all over the country to get hold of you. They shared confidential info with my coworkers. They asked for my Social security # on phone, when I refused, they hung up.

Check on your rights with federal trade commission ! Don't send ARS a dime, and don't cooperate ! They must stop calling you if you write them....if they don't stop, then they are in violation of the law.

Write the letter ! Its quick and easy !

I work in an ICU, and ARS keeps calling while I try to care for the sick and injured......ARS does not care about you or the life of your loved ones (or your patients) I bet they would care if their momma was laying in the ICU !

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Remember, you can always get free legal advice about debt collection from a consumer law attorney. If the debt collector is found to be breaking the law in its collection efforts, they will have to pay the attorney's fees.

Oct 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

They want to charge me almost $7 a month for taking my monthly payment because I'm having a hardship. Ridiculous! When I offered to send them a monthly check they refused and said they would go after my assets.

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