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Apr 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

I was served papers on 02/10/15 stating I'm being sued by Absolute Resolutions and I have 14 days to respond. I call the lawyer the following day disputing what they say I owe, all they tell me is I have two options. Pay the balance out in payments or you can pay half. I have since asked for my credit card statements from beginning to end also known as Debt Validation, what I received was a end statement which doesn't validate the debt. I didn't owe what they're stating I owe. Also, Absolute Resolution wasn't authorized to pull my credit and there is an inquiry on my credit. This company is also not willing to negotiate any type of settlement...I didn't have a contract with them and the original creditor states on my credit report the account was settled, it doesn't say account was sold. This JOB is a CON ARTIST buying your old debt for next to nothing, not removing hardly any of the interest on the old debt then turning around and trying to rip you off!!!

Feb 14, 2012
ex employee
by: Anonymous

I would like to say this when a person has been with the company for a long period of time and is always there before they start. They expect everyone to hit a specific goal. Plus when a person asked if there is any other job openings in the office they don't even say any thing to you and offer it to someone else that has only been there for a short time. I feel that is unfair. Especially when they are qualify to do any office task. I feel this company is really unfair to their employees that would be a great asset to the company that is growing so fast

Jan 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

They called my mother AGAIN after being told NOT to call her several times and it is in my record that they are to only contact me through mail. They were rude and discourteous to her.

Dec 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had a person from this company call my home and ask me if I would be willing to deliver their phone number to a neighbor (whom I do not know) and when I asked WHO IS THIS and WHAT NEIGHBOR are you referring to..........the person rudely said, "THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING HELPFUL" and slammed the phone down in my ear! Evidentally this individual did not realize caller ID identified them. If I receive another call of this nature I will contact police and an attorney.............I HAVE NO DEBT AND NO REASON FOR THIS COMPANY TO HARRASS ME!

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