Settled and paid my credit card bill in full.

by joe r
( Long Island,NY)

I recently settled my credit card bill with a debt collector. I paid the deal we made in full with one payment that day . It was half of what I owed. I received a letter from the agency stating the client agreed to accept my settlement offer and I thought it was over.I received my credit card statement indicating the amount I paid to the agency.Now the credit card is saying that I owe them the rest of the original amount which = $800 more? Can they do this to me?

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Jun 25, 2011
Settled and paid my credit card bill in full.

I am not sure what is going on Joe, but if you and the debt collector negotiated a settlement of your credit card debt, if the credit card company okayed the deal and you paid the full settlement amount, then you should not be billed for the original amount of the debt. Is it possible that the account statement you received is for the period of time just prior to when you paid the settlement amount?

If I were you, I would call the debt collector about the statement you received and if you are unable to resolve your problem, I would contact the credit card company next. If your problem is still unresolved, I recommend that you schedule an appointment with a consumer law attorney who helps people with debt collection problems. Your initial appointment should be free. If you meet with an attorney, be sure to bring all of your documentation related to the settlement deal you negotiated including the creditor's letter approving the settlement amount and the check you wrote in payment of that amount. Good luck!

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