Serving A Summons

by Debbie
(Sarasota fl )

So I have this bill that 7 years old and for the last two years I had this place not really sure who they are but they keep telling me they want to serve me with a summons.

Last year I told them please do cause I would like to get this to court and get it taken care of cause I didn't owe the money and I have all the paper to show it. Now I have not heard from them for a year and they are calling my work and my home once again telling whom ever answers the phone to give me a message that they have a summons to serve me. Do they really call you before serving you a summons ?

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Process servers get paid for serving people. Most people don't want to be served and they try to avoid them. So it makes no sense that they would call you to tell you that they are serving you.

It sounds fishy all the way around. If you can find out who these guys are you can report them to the and your state attorney general. But it also sounds like it could be one of the debt collection scams that it happening all over the country. Watch out!

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May 12, 2015
Bogus summons call
by: Ticked off

Lately I've received anonymous calls daily from different spoofed numbers asking me to be home so I can be served with a summons from a "card" that is suing me. No way would I call them back. Real process servers have to identify themselves and they never give you advanced warning. These people must think we are idiots. Actually I did call one back from a public phone in a courthouse identifying myself as a "law enforcement officer" telling them that with new technology we were able to locate their offices and will be watching them in the future. The hang up was palpable.

Oct 04, 2015
Calls about being served for a lawsuit

It's great that you are aware of how this works, and that it's highly unlikely that a process server will call before attempting to serve notice of a lawsuit. Unfortunately many consumers don't know their rights and they end up paying scammers out of fear.

We recommend consumers always, always get something in writing and verify they are dealing with a legitimate reputable collector before they start making payments.

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