Separated from husband but sued for his medical bills

by heather
(Wharton, NJ Morris )

I have just recieved a letter saying that I have been sued for my husbands medical bills,they are going to start garnishing my wages. We have been seperated for 4 years and in this time he has inquired massive medical bills. He doesnt work he is on disability. We are in the process of getting a divorce I have just started with the lawyer and the paper work. The collector that sued me never sent me anything to co to court or anything that says this is what is going to happen if we dont get our money sure they called a lot I spoke with them back an dforth and my husband told them I have nothing to do with it they are his bills. So basically what I am asking is can they do this, Is there anythuing that can be done. I dont have the money for them to take out from my paychecks at the time of these medical bills we were not together and are still not together not living with each other. Why wont they garnish his disability checks

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Oct 24, 2017
Spouse debt
by: Anonymous

Going thru same. They need to change the name of report. TO family report. You're supposed to moniter relatives because of there inability to pay theit debts goes on your report. But the Fair credit report law does not say to do that..Its a record how a person pays his bills on time, not your relatives or spouses. When you have a house both of you sign so its jointly..but individual debts are not joint.

May 21, 2013
Separated from husband but sued for his medical bills

Many states, New Jersey included, hold spouses responsible for their spouse's unpaid medical bills. Therefore, since you were only separated when your husband incurred the debt, if he does not pay it, his medical creditors can look to you for what they are owed.

Before your wages can be garnished to collect your husband's medical debts however, you must be sued by the creditor or debt collector. And, you must be served with an official notice about the lawsuit, so you can respond to it, hire an attorney, appear in court for the hearing about the lawsuit, etc. If you were never sued, then your legal rights were violated and you may be able to get the judgment against you overturned. However, you will need a lawyer's help to do that. For a free consultation with an attorney to find out if your rights were violated and what your options are if they were, call 855-206-5310 (toll free).

Be sure to let your divorce attorney know about the garnishment and about any legal action you are considering taking against the plaintiff -- the business that sued you. This is important because the fact that you have been sued and the your actions you take in response could affect the terms of your divorce.

Also, if your wages are garnished, you should consider contacting a bankruptcy attorney right away because filing for bankruptcy can stop the garnishment. You may also be able to use bankruptcy to get rid of the debts you owe.

We would recommend you consult a consumer law attorney as soon as possible.

Again however, DO NOT take any of these steps without consulting with your divorce attorney. It's very important that he or she be kept "in the loop" about everything.

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