Sent to collections while still in a contract.

by Brian
(Fort Wayne)

Can I be sent to collections by a company that I am still in a contract with? Even if I have made a payment within the last month?

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Oct 08, 2010
debt in collections when making payments
by: Gerri


I could use some more information about this debt. What type of debt is it? Have you fallen behind at all?

There is a common misconception that as long as you are making payments on an account it can't be sent to collections, and that's generally not true. If you fall behind on a debt, the creditor may be able to send a debt to collections even though you are making an attempt to pay.

Feel free to give us some more details and we will try to point you in the right direction. Use the comments link below. We also recommend you at least read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free so you know what to do when this debt collector contacts you.

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