sending a cease communication letter

Greetings: My mother spent 5 months in a hospital for terminally ill cancer patients in New York Nov 2008 to April 2009 I slept there and almost daily went to the billing office to be proactive in making sure everything was up to par. Since Medicare was running out and bc/bs was only going to pay partial days I had my father purchase a rider. To make sure this rider was in effect I got a senator involved to confirm it --bc/bs to confirm it and insisted the hospital give me an approval/EOB of benefits with my mothers name being active ect. When she died I called constantly for 5 months after and was told everything was good --go live life ect... never received a bill or statement from the hospital . March 2012 my father received a collections notice for 33.000.00 in my mothers name. I called the hospital screaming and the supervisor got the information talked to the girls who I use to deal with and stopped collections. I was told that they would fight it or write it off but if I could help that would be my option and I would never be bother again. She said bc/bs denied that I had rider. I found the copy of the rider and brought it to her. ( she already had a copy I found out at a meeting with her. I asked that it be put in writing that they will not contact my family again and she said she would try.......Next thing the CFO is now trying to fight it for the family but in so many scramble words they retreated in saying they would write it off. he also said that they did get some money from the rider but not all they are not telling me the whole truth. I am in contact with a complaint to the ceo of the hospital Here are my questions:

1) they said they stopped collections----should I send from a lawyer an appeal letter anyway just to cover my family..
2) If I send the letter and the collection is really on hold will this open the case such as the hospital has to answer my appeal even if its on hold?

3) the collections was in my mother name who is of course passed ---but I am the one that signed the financial responsibility admittance form out of stress ( didnt even realize to later --can they turn around and put 2 and 2 together and come after me

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Apr 27, 2012
sending a cease communication letter

I totally understand your frustration. You obviously tried to do the right thing in regard to paying for your mother's care and now you are in the situation you are in in addition to having lost your parent.

I recommend that you get in touch with a consumer law attorney in your area who specializes in debt collection matters and even better, who has experience with medical debt collection issues. Do this right away. It may take several phone calls to find the right one. Sometimes attorneys can get results that "average people" can't.

It's important to try to resolve your problem as soon as you can because the longer the debt goes unpaid, the greater the risk of the collector filing a lawsuit in order to collect the money.

As for your question regarding whether the collector could go after you for the money, that might happen given that you signed the paperwork agreeing to be responsible.

One final point, when a creditor writes off a debt, that means that it has gotten the debt off of its books. However, the creditor may still pass the debt off to a debt collection agency -- either one that works on behalf of the creditor or an agency that purchases debt and tries to recoup its investment by collecting as much as possible on the debt.

Again, I think your wisest option at this point is to seek legal assistance. Good luck.

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