Send me your paystub or income tax return

by E. Vaughn

A debt collector who is representing the bank holding my second mortgage is demanding that before they will take anything seriously that I must submit a paystub or last years income tax return. I say that the bank has all my hardship paperwork and that they should get it from them.

They claim they are representing them but have nothing from them. They gave me a number to the bank and the bank did say that they sometimes do collect for them.

My question is just good does a paystub or last years income tax do them when the whole hardship package I sent is not available to them?

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Jun 16, 2010
documentation for mortgage debt
by: Gerri & Mary

Can you please clarify the situation for us? We assume you are trying to get a loan modification - is that correct? What happened when you asked your bank for the modification?

Or are you trying to stop your home in pre-foreclosure? Or has it already been foreclosed? I assume you are not current or you wouldn't be contacted by a debt collector. Is that the case?

How much is your home worth? How much do you owe on your first and second mortgages? What is going on with your first mortgage?

Sorry for all the questions, but it's a little hard to respond unless we understand your situation. You can answer these questions using the comments link below.

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