seizure of personal property


In the state of NC can my personal property be seized and sold by the local sherrifs department?

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Aug 09, 2012
seizure of personal property

No matter what your state, if you are sued over an unsecured debt and the creditor or collector that sued you wins the lawsuit, it can get permission from the court to collect on the debt. One way it might do that is to seize property that you own. However, it cannot do that without getting a court judgment against you first.

Also, certain assets cannot be taken. They are protected and are referred to as exempt assets. Only nonexempt assets are subject to seizure. Every state has different exemptions. You can find out about the exemptions in your state by googling "Asset exemptions in North Carolina" or "Property exemptions in North Carolina" or you can contact a consumer law attorney in your area that helps consumers resolve their debt collection problems.

If you fall behind on an unsecured debt, like a car or a home, the property that secures the debt can be taken without a lawsuit.

If you are worried that you are at risk for losing an asset, it's probably a good idea to schedule a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney. Filing for bankruptcy can stop the seizure.

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