secondary card holders effects on credit card application approval

by Keri
(Salem Oregon USA)

Will my husbands Capital One Card application automatically be declined due to the garnishment they were awarded against me back in 2006/2007, if he lists me as a secondary card holder?

The garnishment was brought against me before we married. So it was under my maiden name. Are the
They were never actually able to garnish my income due to the fact that I became a stay at home mom in 2004.

Should or shouldn't he list me as a secondary card holder?

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Kerry - If he is trying to list you as a joint accountholder, they may check your credit or account history and it could cause the application to be denied. Once he obtains the card, he might try calling and seeing if he can add you on as an authorized user.

But we are more concerned about this garnishment order you are talking about. Presumably Capital One obtained a judgment against you. Are you aware that judgments in most states can be renewed indefinitely? That means if you don't pay it, they may try to collect in the future if your financial situation changes. In addition, we've seen situations where spouse's joint bank accounts are attached to collect judgments. (We aren't saying that can or will happen to you - we can't offer you legal advice.)

Our concern is that you need to find a way to resolve this judgment and not simply try to ignore it. You may be able to settle the judgment for less than the full balance, or if it is a large amount that you can't possibly pay, consider filing for bankruptcy.

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