Santander Consumer USA Holdings is consumer finance company that makes auto loans and unsecured consumer loans. In 2014, SCUSA became a public company. As of June 1, 2015, the Better Business Bureau reports this company is not accredited. On Feb 25, 2015, Santander Consumer USA, Inc., and the United States Department of Justice, entered into a Consent Order.
View the press release here.

In December 2014, it was reported in the Boston Globe that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley was investigating the company's subprime auto lending business.

Having Problems With Santander USA?

If you believe a lender is engaging in potentially illegal or predatory loan practices, we recommend you file a complaint with the CFPB and your state attorney general.

You may also want to consult a consumer law attorney to find out if the company may have violated state or federal laws. The first consultation with a consumer law attorney is often free.

The law firm of Davis & Norris LLP is currently pursuing individual cases against Santander Consumer USA for illegal and harassing loan collection practices. Davis & Norris has recently filed and resolved over 150 such cases, and is accepting additional clients with claims against Santander. You may contact Davis & Norris at 866.731.2307 or inquire online here.

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May 25, 2010
collection calls at work
by: DebtCollectionAnswers

After being told to stop making calls to my place of Employment telephone number as well as being sent in writing notification that any debt collection efforts are to be sent in writing...SANTANDER CONSUMER USA INC out of Dallas Texas continues to harass me with calls at my work number...during my work hours.

I informed them of the Federal Statues concerning what they are doing is wrong....and they scoffed at me and continue to call my place of Employment. Today I received another 5 calls AFTER again telling them to stop calling and send any info they have in Writing.


While the FDCPA doesn't apply to creditors collecting their own debts, in some states (California for example) there are state laws that prohibit similar practices by creditors.

At a minimum, you may want to file a complaint with the CFPB and your state attorney general. You may also want to consult with a consumer law attorney. You will find contact information for a law firm pursuing such cases above.

Oct 31, 2010
tried but to no avail
by: Anonymous

Repo company x3 at my home now at my sons home.They are saying we were three months late . We were never notified our acct was sold to Santander then the trouble started. son was sending payments to old bank.On monday santander FOUND a money order from June 09 and 2 more money orders are missing. Santander didn't wast to hear anything said the money orders could have been made out to anyone. so now we have the threat of them taking the car which would have been paid off in Oct10

Dec 07, 2010
Bankruptcy nightmare
by: Anonymous

Many years ago, I purchased a car. The loan was handled by Arcadia Financial. I had to default on the loan, as I had lost my job and was unemployed for some time. Though it was a secured loan, Arcadia refused to get the car. Eventually, I had to file Chapter 7. After my debts were discharged, I called Arcadia to come and get their car. THEY STILL REFUSED. I told them it was a discharged debt under Chapter 7, and they needed to come and get their property, they still refused to pick it up! Flash forward to the present. The car has been sitting in my garage, I need to get rid of it. I call Arcadia, and find out they went out of business, and all debt was transferred to Citi Financial. I called them and gave them the information; they transferred me to the proper department. I gave the info to them, they said they'd get back to me in 30 days. 3 months later, I find out they sold all of their outstanding debt to Santander Collection! Now, even though my debt was discharged, they are going to come after me like the scum that they are: all because Arcadia couldn't be bothered to pick up their property!!!! Does anyone have any idea what I can do? I just want to get rid of the damn car!

Dec 08, 2010
bankruptcy nightmare - reply
by: Gerri


Did you have an attorney handle your bankruptcy? If so, he or she should answer this question for you. If not, then I would encourage you to send the debt collector a copy of your discharge papers showing the debt was discharged and ask them not to contact you again.

I honestly don't know what to tell you to do with the vehicle though. Very odd situation. That's why I would encourage you to talk with an attorney. But I don't think it should be difficult for you to get the debt collector to stop contacting you.

Feb 16, 2011
Excess and unexplained fees
by: Frogtexas

We had our loan with HSBC, when my husband lost his job, they put some notes to the back of our loan. We were continuing to pay the note and sometime in July 2010 were notified by Santander that they were now holding the note, we were $1,500.00 dollars behind and they would repo our truck. We scrambled, but managed to get the payment to them within 3 weeks (went with eating by the way), so now we are caught up right? Well, I guess not, because the last notice we got from HSBC said we owed $3,200.00 after making the $1,500.00 payment, they still said we owed 3,200. We have been making our payments every month since then, that would be August, September, October, November, December. The amounts come out to $3,510.00. We are thinking our car is now paid off right? Not so, they tried to repo our truck this morning, we call them and they are stating that we have to pay another $2,400 dollars to pay off the car. They tell my husband that we have approximately $320.00 dollars a month that we are paying in late fees and that only a little over $200.00 is being applied to the that we still have $900.00 owned on the note and the remaining amount due of the $2,400 is for late fees. Is this legal? They have yet to explain or itemize any of the fees they are charging us. They made us make a $249.00 payment today to keep them from repoing the car. I just don't know what to do at this point. I feel like we will never get this car paid off at this rate.

Feb 16, 2011
Auto loan

Frogtexas -

Please call a consumer law attorney asap to find out whether these collection tactics, and the amount they are trying to charge you, are legal.

Find out how to get FREE or low cost legal advice about debt collection from a consumer law attorney here. There is no fee unless you recover, so there is really no reason not to get some advice on this.

Let us know what happens!

Mar 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

They are a bunch of crooks. The interests raqtes they charge don't allow you to build any equity in your car and and after you pay on it for $ years and are having hard times, they repossess it!

Whatever! Hope they get what they deserve....

Apr 11, 2011
Tired of People Complaining and Doing Nothing to SANTANDER,Now U Can.
by: Don

I am starting a Law Suit against SANTANDER USA
for harassment and unlawful interest rate fees that do not allow you to ever get out of debt with them.if your interested put a "Suit Against Santander" in the Subject Area.
Today's Date is April 11,2011
We live in the DC Metro Area (MD/VA/DC)


Apr 30, 2011
Suit Against Santander
by: Anonymous

These people are unbelievable. WORST SERVICE EVER, I SWEAR WHAT THEY DO MUST BE ILLEGAL.. I was able to sell the car privately and after the car was paid they refused to comply with letter of payment- I called them all day for almost a week after- different story every time. To top it all off they gave the poor woman who was nice enough to buy the car from me such a runaround we were both totally disgusted. Now they owe me a refund for overpayment and they said i might have that in 60 days! ha- i am not surprised in the least. totally unacceptable all around. Lawsuit? Count me in!!

May 13, 2011
Santander Law Suit
by: Sakkasie

I have retained Lemberg & Associates to handle my case against Santander for harassment and severe emotional distress.

Mere words can not express how much I despise this company. They are the maggots that feast on the flesh of humanity.

Reply from

We hope you come back and let us know how it turned out.

May 23, 2011
Call Mark Ascherman To Join The Class Action Lawsuit
by: Anonymous

I got ahold of an attorney due b to all the issues with santander consumer usa. So if anyone wants to join call MARK at 713-942-0808 that you want to join the class action. Let's get this company for all the distress and pain that they caused us. I live in Houston, texas

May 31, 2011
Reference Harassment Calling
by: Anonymous

Santander apparently asks for references regarding loan applications and then calls those references when they cannot get a hold of the applicant. I have received more calls than I can remember because my friend has placed me as a reference on his application. I have no relationship to this loan, he merely placed me as a reference contact. I have asked Santander to stop calling me after some innumerable initial call and stated that I did not give permission to my friend to give my number which is a Cell-Phone and revoke any right they believe they have to call me by virtue of having been listed as a reference and any implied acceptance of calling me due to having answered politely prior without complaint. I have also stated that to my knowledge FCC frowns on placing calls to a person who has expressly requested not to be called with regards to a cellphone. And I have still received 2 calls since then. The person on both of those calls was much less polite than anyone that called prior. This last call when I stated what I have stated above, he mentioned that my friend made it between me and santander due to leaving my number and implied that I could not remove it and that I could not stop incoming calls unless I could get my friend to call him back. He dismissed any illegality in harrassing and threatening continued harrassment of me--both a noncustomer and a person receiving these calls unwillingly via cellphone--and then hung up on me when I asked for his name and to be transfered to a manager.

I looked up a number on line and spent the next couple hours trying for the second time to be 'successfully removed' from their computer system. Hope this last time takes...

Jun 04, 2011
suit to santander
by: saldana

Please tell me where we could file a law suit against Santander? I have the same problem. If any one has please e-mail me so could be included.
Mxsaldana @

Jun 23, 2011
mt home title
by: Anonymous

we paid off our mt home with a $46,000 check which they cAShed right away. we have been trying to get our title. we had a chance to see this mt home but had no title and couldn't get it. needless to say very unhappy.please get someone of those 5000 employees to mail us our title.

Jun 23, 2011
Late fees
by: Anonymous

I purchased my vehicle in January of 2008 for 22,000 and now i recently got a pay off for the same vehicle and it is 23,000 which does not make any since to me at all until i called and they had told me that for every day that i was late they charge a fee. Yes i have been late but my husband was out of work for some time and it was hard to make the payments and they were told this but didn't want to hear it. She had also told me that i had a simple interest loan which i was not aware of. They had been calling and calling so i had contacted a lawyer about this and they was told that i had a lawyer so the calls stopped..My question is can they charge me a fee for every day that i am late??? This is just awful i will never get this loan paid off with these people...

Reply from Have you asked the attorney whether the late fees they are charging are legal?

Jul 20, 2011
RV loan
by: Ronnie

Santander bought my rv loan from GE & by talking to these people today they do not have a clue. I don't like to be mean but these are some real idiots. As soon as I get home I'm getting a loan thru my bank and will not have to deal with these lunatics. It took four calls before they could tell me management was out of office for the day. They finally put me thru to the Presidents # and guess what that # has been disconnected. Sorry Santander but I would never do business with you and I wish GE had not sold my loan to you.

Aug 06, 2011
Class Action Lawsuit
by: Cynthia

E-mail Cherie. She is trying to get people to join a class action lawsuit agains Santander.

Aug 13, 2011
Why is Santander Consumer USA still in business?
by: Perseverance

My auto loan was transferred from HSBC Auto. I never had any late payments nor late charges until my auto loan ended up in the hands of these inhumane heartless crooks. The minute I received my first statement I questioned my late charges.

They started calling me at all hours of the day and night, all week long even at the school where I work. They never removed the late charges, I had to sign a deferment, and the late charges continued. They just showed up unexpectedly in my driveway and repossessed my vehicle. Customer Service demanded close to $2,000.00 within 24hrs. I told them the statement had unauthorized charges and their reply was: "Read the back of your statement and send us a moneygram using the referenced code, it takes 3hrs. to process and then you may get your vehicle. I don't have that kind of money, they know I am a recent widow and a struggling school teacher with two daughters enrolled at two different universities.

Yes, I will definitely seek legal support. I have faith in our Lord, and Father. It is beyond my understanding why they are still in business.

Aug 15, 2011

I told my 90 year old grandmother and my aunt that I was going to jail. my grandmother offered payment, I told her it was too late because the warrant had already been issued for my arrest.

Aug 31, 2011
Lawsuit filed against Santander

Readers may be interested in this story in the Madison Record about a lawsuit that has been filed against Santander USA. We think it's important because it illustrates why it's so important to get help from an attorney if you are experiencing collection problems. The attorney may be able to identify areas of concern that aren't immediately apparent.

Sep 17, 2011
Santander Repo Tactics
by: Anonymous

This company should be put out of business. EVERYONE READING THIS NEEDS TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE USING CAB COMPANIES TO WATCH FOR A CAR IN THE AREA WHEN THE OWNER LIVES. THE CABS FOLLOW YOU AROUND, STAY IN CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER IN THE AREA BY PHONE. I BELIEVE THEY HAVE A GPS OR SOME OTHER SORT OF TRACKER ON MY CAR. I WILL GET THIS CHECKED OUT AND FILE A COMPLAINT AS MY CAR IS TOO OLD TO HAVE INSTALLED TRACKING AND I CALLED THE CAR MANUFACTURER JUST TO MAKE SURE. They have been following me for 6 months trying to get my car. I tried to work out payment arrangements with them, they FLAT OUT LIED to me, so I stopped making the payments, figured they could come and get the car. Now mind you this car is over 6 years old, has 90,000 miles on it and has at least $3,000 in damage on it. Still they want the lousy $3,000 they MIGHT get on auction. They are now calling people that no longer have anything to do with me because their names on listed online as my family. Thank goodness I am not working. They called my ex-husband, divorced in 1992 the other day and threatened him. That did not go well. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO THEY CAN PROVIDE ME ON THE LAW, I WOULD APPRECIATE IT. THESE GUYS ARE SICK, THEY SHOULD JUST FOR A JUDGEMENT AND LET IT GO!!!!!

Sep 20, 2011
Unfair Practices
by: Anonymous

I too am haviing major problems with Santander. During the time my car was with CitiFinancial I requested that a few car note be deferred to the end of the loan. I was between jobs and even was without employment during a period of time. Citi was always willing to defer my payments. Now that I have paid my last payment and am now planning on paying the remaining deferments Santander who took over the loan from CitFinincial about a year ago is asking for me to pay $3500.00 worth of penalties and b.s charges in order to pay the car off. They are basically asking for a balloon payment which I had never signed nor agreed to while deferring the payments.

I too am consulting an attorney and am looking for any means to stop this company from its unethical treatment of consumers. If anyone is aware of a Class Action Lawsuit against this company please pass the information onward.

It would be great if ABC or one of the major news organizations can expose this horrible institution.

Oct 18, 2011
they are comitting insurance fraud
by: Anonymous

I am a shop that repaired one of their customer cars, insurance sent them a check and they refused to pay my shop, then the their empolyee hung up on me. My lawyer has other ideas.

From Let us know how this turns out!

Oct 25, 2011
Suit Against Santander"
by: M Wright

Payment not being posted correctly, caused my gap claim not to be paid, reported late payments to the credit bureau, claiming to have not received payments and unable to get any of these problems rectified when you call. This seems like a never ending loan.

Nov 14, 2011
by: Bob

I bought a car in 2008 financed through "Flagship Credit" which was sold to Santander a year or two back. A month ago I traded in that car to a dealer who, naturally paid off the car and financed my new loan through a different company (GMAC). A check for the payoff on the old vehicle was sent on October 21st of 2011. It was cashed by Santander on October 31st of 2011. Every day, at least 5 to 6 times a day for the last 3 weeks, they have called telling me I'm past due, making threats to repo the car etc. I have the cashed check docs in my hand! I keep telling them the car was paid off and I have the cashed check but to no avail. They have called 3 times today alone! Each time I call them, I get a "we'll document this on your account" type of spiel. Yet they continue to call. Idiots!!

Dec 06, 2011
by: Bob

I'm looking to speak to someone who had late fees "re-aged" by Santander...and was presented with a $2,000 or $3,000 bill. If you'd be willing to talk to a reporter about your situation, please write me at

Dec 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have made payments to santander for the past four years. Three weeks ago I traded in my car for a new car and the place where I traded it made an error on the paperwork. This error has caused the payoff to be late and my account is in arrears 24 days. Santander has called me a minimum of five times a day for two weeks. I have been nothing but polite until tonight. Around 1530 today another lady called AGAIN about the payment or payoff. I explained it to her again about how they should have the payoff by tuesday of next week and If there were any problems with the payoff to call me back at the end of the day on tuesday. This whole conversation was over heard by the co-signer on that loan. Within five minutes santander called his number to ask for the payment again. He explained that he was sitting here with me and they said "oh, thank you" and hung up. Around 1900 tonight the same lady called back and I got ticked to say the least. I am a paramedic and work 24-36 hour shifts and don't need to be harassed when I have down time to sleep at work or when I actually get to be home. I told her we had just spoken and she said no one had been in contact with me in the last four days. An argument pursued. What I tried to tell her was that if they would leave me alone until tuesday I would gladly call and check on the hold up with the payoff but I had to give them a few days to get it paid due to the error. I noticed in this argument she stated that no one had called me today from that number. She was right, they call from a different number and often area code every time. I told her that using a different number did not change the fact santander was the one continually calling me. I told her I was jumping on the first class action lawsuit I could find and she said they had all recordings from that number and I told her I had my own recording of their calls on my cell phone bill and to stop calling me! They discussion escalated as she would not let me talk and kept talking over me and then she hung up. If anyone knows a way to deal with this please contact me. I am calling lawyers tomorrow to stop this little loophole they think they have by using different numbers to harass people.

Dec 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

My payment is late but i told them i would be making it by a certain day later the same week, the literally called me 10 times today and who knows how many times they called my family and friends. They are so unprofessional.

Dec 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

I recently paid off my loan with this company in November 2011. I had to send them a check via mail cause they wouldn't accept my last payment over the phone. They received my payment and cashed my check. The next day the payment never posted my account. I called they said they never received it. I had to go to my bank and get prove that they did cash it and i had to call the bank on the back of the check to prove they dealt with Santander. It was a run around game and very frustrating on my part.

By the following Monday my payment was found and posted my to my account. I asked about my title and they said it would be mailed out in 20 days. Today is the 20th day and i had to call to see why i haven't received it. Here to come to find out they LOST it how can they lose it? So now i have to go to the BMV get a duplicate title and i have to PAY for it what a crock. This company has been anything but helpful they are very rude and very unhelpful when it came to my loan they would call my house, cell phone all hours of the day and night if i was one day late. I have filed a report with the BBB and i have contacted a lawyer about this matter. Santander needs to be put out of business because of their crooked ways.

Dec 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

we purchased a brand new car in 2008. the loan was then sold to santander. we have had the vehicle for 3 1/2 years and have paid over 16,000. it was only 20,000 new. now santander is only willing to settle out for 20,000. we hired some folks to help negotiate to get our payments down. now because of the credit rating we cannot refinance vehicle cause we owe more than its worth. santander has been an absolute nightmare. now we are stuck either paying 600. a month or let the car go back.

Dec 19, 2011
classaction lawsuit
by: Anonymous

I am glad that 3 attorneys offices have started a class action lawsuit against this company

Dec 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

My cousin has a loan with these rip off people. Her term was for 5yrs(60 payments). A few payments have been late. So far 49 payments have been made, to an approximate amount of $26,000. Now they r say she owes $17,000 more dollars, which is approximately 3 more years. What can be done about this?

Jan 04, 2012
ive been through hell and back with these people
by: Anonymous

OK so i'm not going to lie i've had some hard times and i haven't been able to pay my payments in the past 2 months. My cousin co signed the loan with me and not only have they blown up my cell phone my old jobs phone my cousin's cell phone but they have also called some of my friends which were put down as references told them how much i owed and that if i did pay i was going to be arrested they are constantly calling my cousin even when they already spoke to me and i already told them what is going on they call him and tell him that he has to pay or they will press charges against him and that the are going to ruin his credit now my whole family is upset they stop speaking with me due to this im having a hard time as it is already without them adding to the fire... i have been paying payments on time before all this occurred yet i have a balance of 2,500 when the car payment is only $550 so what they are telling me is the other $1500 is on late fees and stupid charges that to me seems so unfair and not right at all.

Reply from

We hope you are going to talk with a consumer law attorney and file a complaint at and

Jan 07, 2012
Has to be something we can do!!
by: Ky man against Santaner

My car loan was taken oevr by Santaner in september 2010. The loan was originally through Citi Financial. I made regular payments in the same amount that i made to citi financial. NEVER missed a payment. Last night at 10:00pm the repo man came to get my vehicle. He suggested I call Santander to get it straightened out, after i showed him my receipts. Well, the person from santander said I should send $1000.00 by money gram immediately. He then said he would talk to his manager. Then the manager got on the phone and said for me to give up my vehicle because he would not accept anything. Apparently my payment was raised and I was not informed. I have not had any communication from these scam artists. No payment book or anything stating my payment was late. He said I was 103 days late because I didn't pay the correct amount. I actually bribed the repo man but he said someone else will come back. I am not giving these people another cent, They can find my car (good luck)and take it. The loan originally was 7,000 and is more than that now.

Jan 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Well Im in the process of taking them to court because I purchased a 13000 truck and put down 5000. when i went to buy it out theyre saying i own another 15000..WTH. There is no way I owe that much money. I've already put in about 12000 plus the 5000. Now let me say i have been late with my payments since i was laid off in 2010. Ive been trying to catch up since. I still would like the judge to see this and if i can get others involved and we work together we might just win. I know someone who took their bank to court because of the similar situation and she won and the bank had to pay her some money. So it wouldn't hurt to do the same. For people like me who had their identity stolen and have bad credit cause of it banks look for those they can rip off. I'm not having it. If you're interested and you want to take part of this you can email me at with your contact number. I've been doing some research on santanderand they dont have good reviews and they're not accredited by the BBB. As a matter of fact, you should file a complaint against them. They already have 3700 complaints.There is got to be a law against over charging financing. I'm definitely looking into it.

Jan 23, 2012
Charge off
by: Anonymous

Well they took my car on a repession and then when I received it back and i was looking into trading it in on something else I wound out they had charged my car off.

Feb 08, 2012
Harassed brutily
by: valencia Eve

Santander harassed me so much im now taking medications for depression and anxiety.

Feb 12, 2012
by: Scott

Now is the time to go after these crooks. If Santander has re-aged your past debts after acquiring Triad, please step forward and contact Santander is about to get hammered in Texas.

Feb 22, 2012
email address for legal department
by: Anonymous

Does any one have the address or email address or name of the president of the company or anyone that can make decision. My husband died and they repo the car because they would not accept the death certificate and change the paperwork erasing the credit life that was on the loan.

I need to contact a decision maker instead of a reinstatement rep who know nothing.

Just put the response on line and I will get it.


Mar 24, 2012
Loan paid off??? Not according to Santander
by: Anonymous

My car was totalled in a car accident in February 2012. My insurance company paid off the entire loan and sent me a letter stating they sent Santander a check for the remaining balance. I even got an email last week from Santander stating my account was paid in full. In the mail today, I received a letter from Santander stating the insurance company check did not pay the entire loan and that I would owe $50 a month for the remaining 26 month term!!! That's another $1300!!! My last statement was the same balance as the insurance company paid. I may have to join that class action suit...WHAT A BUNCH OF RIP OFF ARTISTS!!!!!

Reply from

We would definitely recommend you talk with a
consumer law attorney asap.

Apr 01, 2012
phone calls
by: mario Gizzi

I unfortunately had a 2000 Chysler LHS thru santander! I lost my job and was trying to find employment in the year of 2011! had 5 payments left! santander repossed the car in october of 2011! i got it back after making 879.00 payment to them! after i got the car back the calls started: 817am 1217pm 430pm 830pm everyday for three months! Talked to them on several ocassions about it and was told I would receive the calls till i paid it off! i wa salso told that all the repossesion fees where waved! But that was a lie! I unfortunately losted my front tire coming home from work on January 14,2012 and the cost to fix it was more than the car was worth> cost was damaged to 2700.00! santander said i owed them 2100.00! I am at loss at this still as too why it cost so much to pay it off! but the calls were always on the mark at these times, give or miss a minute or 2

Apr 15, 2012
by: E

Santander Reaged my acount from 72 to 95 Months. I owe $11,900 +/- on a car that I bought in 2006 for $25,000 with a trade in value is $3,000, that will not pass a Massachusetts vehicle inspection and will cost over $8,000 to repair, refuse to work out a settlement amount AND will not accept principal only payments. I've sent in a few checks, 3 weeks early that I write "PRINCIPAL ONLY" in the memo and across the top that they keep applying as a regular payment

Apr 15, 2012
by: E

Santander Reaged my acount from 72 to 95 Months. I owe $11,900 +/- on a car that I bought in 2006 for $25,000 with a trade in value is $3,000, that will not pass a Massachusetts vehicle inspection and will cost over $8,000 to repair, refuse to work out a settlement amount AND will not accept principal only payments. I've sent in a few checks, 3 weeks early that I write "PRINCIPAL ONLY" in the memo and across the top that they keep applying as a regular payment

Apr 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

How long does it normally take for santander to approve a settlement at 20%? Does anyone know?

Apr 20, 2012
Paid Over $10,000 - Now I Still Owe More than when I purchased vehicle
by: SM-Texas

I purchased my car almost 2 years ago. My original loan balance was around $26,000. I've made over $10,000 worth of payments, some of them late, but consistent, nevertheless. Now, I checked and my payoff has risen from $26,000 to over $29,000. $10,000 worth of payments and my loan balance has risen $3,000. How is that possible? They said late fees, misc penalties and interest. They just repossessed the car today.

Reply from

Ugh! We hope you are going to talk with a consumer law attorney to find out if what they did was legal. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission ( and CFPB (

If you have experienced a similar situation, get used to it. This is America in 2012. The banks and corporations can do whatever they like. All they have to do is throw some money at the politicians and the laws change, giving them a free pass to literally rip us off. Invest a few million dollars and the politicians are paid off resulting in 100's of millions, possibly billions in profits on the backs of 'middle class' Americans. No one is doing anything about it. The Republicans are blaming the Democrats, while the Democrats blame the Republicans. Yet, both political parties are pocketing millions of dollars in pay-off money, while average middle class Americans are busy fighting about Republican versus Democrat rhetoric. Time for us to open our eyes and realize we are getting screwed royally.

Apr 29, 2012
by: Jane

I have been paying on my car which was financed $19,000. Somehow I still owe $15,000 after they took the loan from HSBC.

They miscalculate interest. I tested it by making an extra payment 2 days after my regular payment. If the interest rate is 17% and the principle is $15,000 for example, the annual interest is $2,550 divided by 365 days = a daily interest of $6.99 on a balance of $15,000. So if I made a payment today which brought my balance to $15,000 even, 2 days from now, I should only accrue $13.98 interest. They took 30 days of interest out of that second payment.

I tried to explain this to one of their call center reps. Their call center reps are bean counters that are paid wages to NOT think outside the box.

Simple interest is easy to calculate and easy to understand and it's easy to see that they are effing it up to rip people off. They are banking on public ignorance to not catch it.

In the class action lawsuit, I hope each and every account gets an audit for interest charges. Seriously, you all need to get your itemized yearly pay history and calculate your interest.

May 31, 2012
Asking for more debt than owed
by: Liar, Liar this company lies

This company is not using the fair debt act because they are charging more than my debt is! Its like receiving double payments! Also when asking them for your account details sent to you for a break down they do not send. Customer service is knowledgeable and I am paying for a 9 year maturity rate so this means about couple thousands over price for interest. My book value on the car is $8450 Original balance $23,600 so you do the math?

May 31, 2012
Asking for more debt than owed
by: Liar, Liar this company lies

This company is not using the fair debt act because they are charging more than my debt is! Its like receiving double payments! Also when asking them for your account details sent to you for a break down they do not send. Customer service is knowledgeable and I am paying for a 9 year maturity rate so this means about couple thousands over price for interest. My book value on the car is $8450 Original balance $23,600 so you do the math?

Jun 01, 2012
Car Repoed
by: Anonymous

As of yesterday May 31, 2012 my truck was repoed I understand that I was late on payments. I never recieved a notice that it was going to be repoed. I am single and unemployed I have tried on numerous occasions to talk with the people at Santander to rectify my problem they were no help. Now they are telling me it will cost me a little over $2,000.00 just to pay what I owe or pay a little over $4,000.00 to pay it off if I would like my truck back. Being unemployed I do not have that kind of money laying around. I would love to get my truck back any other suggestions out there. I'm all ears!!!!!!!!!

Jul 08, 2012
by: shannon

i got my car in oct 2011 my intrest rate is more then a credit cards intrest i have been late making payments not going to lie they call me about 5 times a day they have stoped callin me all together and when i talk to them they always ask me why im late there nosy and i asked them if they have ever been late on payments befor cuz of hard times my rate is out rages. i want to see these people get put out

Jul 09, 2012
Santander should be exposed

I co-signed on a loan for my daughter in 2010 with Santander. These last two years have been the worst nightmare you can ever imagine! These rude, obnoxious crooks have harassed me, my family, and friends continuously, even when we have proof that payments have been made. I do not know how any company can do this to working people and get away with it. There has to be a law against this! The people who work there are obviously trained to pull off these rip offs on honest people. Someone please tell me who to turn to so we can put these people out of business.

Jul 15, 2012
Discrimination lawsuit vs Santander NEW!
by: jobdiscrimination

SPC J. C. Goode VS Santander protest at Dallas TX Head Quarters
This is to announce that members of members of U. S. Veterans groups and members of PTSD and Epilepsy Foundations are going to organize a huge protest at the Dallas H.Q. of Santander Consumer U.S.A..
This is in regards to the unlawful termination of an employee who has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Traumatic Brain Injury related Epilepsy. This is a growing problem in the U.S. with soldiers returning to the workforce. The Corey Goode VS Santander Consumer U.S.A/SCUSA law suit may be the ground breaking law suit that many veterans and supporters of the victims of PTSD, TBI and Epilepsy have been waiting for. The plaintiff has collected hundreds of emails and recorded some very embarrassing conversations between himself and Management and the SCUSA HR department including the Senior VP.
Several local and national news agencies will be present for the protest as will dozens of people who are a part of a Class Action Law Suit against SCUSA for harassment as well as the unrelenting calls to the families of deployed soldiers as well as actually repossessing their vehicles. This will be yet another embarrassing moment for the U.S. based arm of Santander’s bank of Spain. They may now actually be remembered as a poster child for three different hot button disabilities in the U.S. and in Europe. There has been a site started on Facebook for this cause and can be found at the link below.
How many more scandals and public relations nightmares can Santander handle before they learn to change some of their hard ball policies? Time will only tell as this story unfolds. The date of the Protest will be released on their site the third week in July. The evidence is overwhelming and once it is in the media it will make many Board Members and Share Holders very frustrated. Follow this story by going to the website and by following the protest on National and possibly international media. The case will indeed be a God send for the many thousands of soldiers who are dealing with discrimination because of both PTSD and Epilepsy caused by Traumatic Brain Injuries while in the service.
The number of people and groups associated with this Facebook site is staggering. Take a look at:

Aug 07, 2012
Madrid-based bank, Santander, bilking billions of dollars from American consumers
by: Knoxville Daily Sun

One of the world's largest banks, Santander, based in Madrid, Spain, has been bilking Americans out of billions of dollars.

Santander infiltrated the US banking industry and purchased loans from much smaller lenders in 2008-2009. Upon purchasing the loans, Santander then changed the due date on the loans without notifying consumers causing the loans to be late every month for several years without consumer knowledge.

As a result, thinking they had made a final payment on their loan, consumers were not notified that they owed several thousand dollars in additional interest fees. If the loan was for a vehicle, Santander waited a few weeks after the final payment on the loan was made then repossessed the vehicle without notifying the consumer.

Aug 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Get another finance co. bcuz w/santander you are screwed!

Aug 24, 2012
they stink!!!
by: Anonymous

made a payment to santander via bank draft from my savings account. spoke to someone a few days later & they said the payment was processed, just received a call today & now they say the payment was returned because the account could not be located, however they did confirm the some of the account info. now my account is late & they added 50.00 in fees.... something has to be done about their excessive fees & horrible accounting system.

Sep 05, 2012
Santander needs to be closed down and sent back to their own Country,
by: Pam

After reading everyone's complaints against this nightmare company, Santander, the only thing I can say is I pray that God hears all of our complaints and what we have been through with this unethical company and does something to shut them down. Please God, hear our prayers. Santander...may you pay for what you have done to all of these wonderful people.

Sep 30, 2012
Count Me In...
by: Philly Bob

If you read about my previous comments then you'll know the problems I had with these pains in the a**es. If anyone manages to get a class action suit going, count me in!

Oct 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had a car loan with Citifinancial and mysteriousaly one day in Sept. of 2009 it was handed over to Santander USA. I financed my vehicle initially for 13,700. I have had the vehicle since 2005 and Santander USA is saying that I still owe $8,000!! Every time I make a payment I will check on the balance and within a week or two it goes right back up! I give up!!

CONFUSED-I was harrassed daily at my home, place of work even having them call friends and family and contacting me by text message, until one Day I decided to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The very next day I did this all the harrasment stopped. I have since stopped paying them and have still heard nothing. My vehicle is worth maybe 2000 and I "owe" 8000 have they just given up on trying to profit off of me??

Oct 06, 2012
by: mary

I payed my car out in march. I bought the car ,My brotyerm co-signed. Santander sent the title to my brother. They have been dealing with me for over a year , why did they sent it to him. I called them,they said that i would have to get my own title from the state.

Oct 07, 2012
paid off car and received title
by: Anonymous

My car was paid off via certified mail. Within 30 days received title and letter stating congratulation cars paid off and so on.. However, now there saying the check was insufficient funds after all this time they (santander) call friends, family ,my job and mothers job asking for late payments.Well as if know they have hired an attorney asking me to return my title or legal proceeding will come next if I don't. My question can they do this after 5 months of check was received and cleared if I got my title?

Oct 08, 2012
2 yrs later
by: sgtlevine

I was a Us army soldier for 24 yrs. I was called to active service from National Guard in Illinois. I enacted my (SCRA)Soldiers and sailors credit relief act with santander.they accepted. After coming home from Afghanistan October 26 2009, I was not able to work because of injuries incured due to combat. Of course my worry was mainly for the roof over my head. I was able to beg and borrow to be able to make my $1,700.00 a month payment. My last payment I was able to make was in March 2010. I called Santander and told them sbout the problems I was having and they told me they understand the problems soldiers have when they come home and told me that they have a policy to extend the (SCRA) to a year after coming home. After mothes gone by I finaly had some money to catch up to date on payments. I called Santander durring the last week of September 2010 to make the $3,600 payment and the representative on the phone told me I could make the payment but it wouldnt help (Continued)next post

Oct 12, 2012
2 yrs later continued
by: sgtlevine

After almost begging her on the phone not to do this she told me the best thing I could do would be use that money to get another vehicle. So I did just that to make sure I could get back and fourth to my VA appointments. Three monthes later the vehicle was still in the driveway. I called Santander to ask why they had not come to get the vehicle yet and they told me that because of SCRA they were having a problem coding it for repo.

That was the first sign to me something wasn't right. I called them again two months later they told me the same thing. I told them I lost my house and the vehicle needed to leave . They told me to have it towed to a storage lot. I told them no I wouldn't because storage fee would kill me and in 30 days they would have the right to sell the vehicle. I told them I would leave it on the military base parking lot and they said ok.

Two years later I get a call from my old commander saying the vehicle is still there an needed to be removed. I went and got the vehicle brought it to where I now reside two months later I get a letter saying I can pay on my loan again because the vehicle just came off SCRA but if I don't pay upto date 11,000 dollars by 3/10/2010 that they would take further action. I was infuriated that I could have paid on the loan all this time. Next thing I know I was in the hospital with a heart attack. The day I got home from the hospital the vehicle was repossessed. I'm trying to figure out how the think they can manipulate the law to suit what they want.

Reply from

What an awful story! We would encourage you to at least get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney to see what they recommend.

Oct 15, 2012
phone number
by: Anonymous

I read somewhere on here that people were having trouble getting a phone number to Santander that led them somewhere other than to customer service. I have been batttling with them as well and recently found a direct line into the Office of the President. It is 855-825-6667

Oct 17, 2012
Contact Info
by: Anonymous

Phone number that goes directly into the Office of the President. 855-825-6667. I had more luck with them than Customer Serivce.

Oct 20, 2012
enraged in nc
by: Anonymous

I got my loan with cities auto. Within a year it was sold to Santander. Yes I was late but deferred payments to keep me current. Today I tried to trade my car in. I bought it in 2006.its 6 years later. My loan was for 7 years. I have paid 31000.0 on an 18000.00 loan so far. They say my pay off is still 9780.00!! I agreed to pay back 27000.00. I have Pd 4000 over that already and they want another 10000.00. The car is worth 2000.00!! Is this legal? Even if I was late would that result in 14000.00 worth of extra interest? Is that possible? They call from different numbers all day long. I think its best to tell them to come get it. They have already ruined my credit. I called to ask them to settle the account and was told they don't do settlements. I don't have money for lawyer fees. What can I do?

Reply from

Have you tried contacting your state attorney general's office? Some of them are very good about helping constituents with these kinds of problems.

Oct 22, 2012
Lawsuit against Santander?
by: Pissed

I purchased my car in 2010 when I was trying to rebuild my credit...the car listed at 19,699...i put 3000 down on payments are 523 a month, somehow while paying that payment, starting in April of 2010 and ending currently now at the end of October 2012, my payoff for my vehicle is 21k and change...really??impossible!!when I contact them they divert my questions and try to say bc of the 24.99 int rate and "late fees"?!? On it that is why it is more then what it was listed...I have payed them 12k and my car loan has increased??i need help!!please someone help me file a class action on these people!!

Nov 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm fighting Santander join my FB page I made after they deleted my
commits and blocked me.

Nov 05, 2012
I don't even have an account with them!
by: Anonymous

I've been getting calls, several times a day, for almost a year now, from this company. I never answer for legitimate reason, but when I call the number back and enter my and my husbands SS numbers, we have no account with them. And can't ever get a hold of a friggin human being to settle this or at least let them know they must have a wrong number and they are just harassing me. It is driving me insane.

And all the comments I read regarding them make me more unsettled. Certainly my cars weren't transferred to them b/c my checks are still processed through the original companies and statements are sent. I read HSBC sells out to them, but my HSBC card has been paid off for over a year. So even if they now own my HSBC account, I shouldn't owe anything.

But considering everything I'm reading, I'm now paranoid that they might have decided I owe then annual fees or something moronic. But again, no active accounts in their system and can't get a hold of anyone that works there. Such a pain. I hope this company goes out of business. SOON.

Nov 10, 2012
Santander sucks!
by: Anonymous

I am so stressed. My car loan matures with Santander next month and I don't know if I should just left it go through repo since I don't have the 7,000 they expect to get. I am just so mad I have been paying 460 for the last 4 years and it's going all down the drain.

Nov 25, 2012
I had enough!
by: Anonymous

My story is basically the same as others. I purchased my car in 2005 for 25,000 finaced thru Citi and it was sold to Santander. I started watching how my payments were being posted at the beginning of 2012 (payments being made on time). When I questioned them on "the whys" of such a small amount going to the principle they had the confusing answers down to a science! Finally in September I talked to someone in the President's office and she told me that I had a Simple Interest Loan and that there is nothing simple about the loan. At that time I still owed 22k on a 7 year old loan. I was finished! I was not going to give them another penny! I called them up and I told them to come and get my car, which they did the next week. I don't know what I am going to do when they come after me for the money that I will still owe them......but I am ready to join an class action suit. Oh of interest, I was told by a car salesman that my type of loan was made illegal in 2008 or 2009. But since I was already in this type of a contract Santander was still enforcing these types of loans....legally or illegally. Hopefull I will find out!

Dec 12, 2012
santander was a nite mare
by: Anonymous

I regret the day. I was ever financed by santander financial I felt as if I was totally ripped off. I was as if my balance was growing instead of getting smaller. And when do you get charged d$25.00 to pay your account with your credit card. Like I said totally ripped off. Also I asked the Rep not to call my cell phone anymore and she told me that she can call me when she wants. I was even called @7:19 a.m. one morning. They broke the FDCPA every time ride Ans no mini Mirandum..never I'd you before discussing your account. All these things and more I witnessed from this company. Pure nitemare..

Jan 20, 2013
Really Stupid People
by: Anonymous

I got behind on my payments for my truck due to losing my job. They call 5 times a day at the minimum and from different numbers each time threatening to repossess my vehicle. I told the arrogant prick I talked to where the vehicle is, and to come get it. Its been six months and they still call every day and havent shown up. They keep asking where it is after Ive told them multiple times. How stupid can you get? Im going to file a harrassment suit. The last time they called I lost my temper and cursed the woman on the line out for getting out of line with me. I never act like this. What can I do?

Jan 24, 2013
HOW do I STOP them?
by: Anonymous

My ex husband and I acquired a vehicle through Santander approximately 4 years ago, then divorced 3 years ago and he agreed to take the vehicle and pay it. Since then he's defaulted on the loan, I can't find him and have no clue where the car is (maybe in the river).

I have contacted SANTANDER several times and they asked me to fax my divorce decree, a letter and the information stating he would take the car. Still they call me and harrass my parents almost daily. Yesterday they called my father and asked if someone would be home today between the hours and 9 and 4 to serve me court documents over the vehicle.....

How do I get them to GO AWAY? I can't file bankruptcy as we already did that and its only been 4 years, got the car after the fact.


Reply from

If you were a cosigner on the loan then most likely they can still try to collect from you regardless of your agreement with your ex as to who would make the payments. You may want to at least file a complaint with the CFPB and your state attorney general, though, and talk with a a consumer law attorney to find out if there are state collection laws that may protect you here.

Jan 26, 2013
added fees we may not see
by: ERIC

I am making payments on my used car loan, but my balance on the loan is barely dropping. I wonder why ??

Feb 03, 2013
Crooks company...
by: Anonymous

I read all comments to this company it's all true, I buy my Car 2006 and my finance is ctifinancial,then,surprise me that sandander send me a bill for my car,they said they are third,I think I call citi then,people Santander keep answering..then,my amount in my car or balances from citibank are not the same it's more,it's two months short as I remember. So,I call citfinancial but no one answer..then,I call Santander and talk to someone that not my balance..because I been paying everymonth and I never miss payment. And I told them I keep my reciept to all my payment..then,they fix it my balance..but,still a little bit short as I I still have balance of $1,900+ it's saying end of august I'm done.

And my husband is my co-payment that I told theme he pass away,she said send a death certifecate so I send it,but still my husband name on it....stupid........I think this is they business confused costumer from another company so they can make,I'm more alert after I read this...

Feb 09, 2013
illegal trade acts on customers
by: chuck

I have to fallin into the world of ripped off by santander when they repoed my truck while it was being paid for, and when I contacted them my truck was not for repo but three days after thankgiving at 11:30pm they took my truck. I later checked my credit score and found out that I was not 4 months behind like they said I was it showed that I was up to date in august then went behind in september. My truck was sold at auction in less than to weeks. I would like to join any class action lawsuits going on.

Feb 16, 2013
Ridiculous...that's all I can say
by: RachelN

I'm in the same boat as everybody else on here. Bought my car in 2005 through CitiFinancial for $14,XXX. Then it was transferred to Santander in about October of 2010. I wasn't even aware of the change, and I NEVER signed a contract with Santander. All I have is my original contract with CitiFinancial.

I did defer a couple payments throughout the years, but not to the tune of paying $8,000 more than my original contract amount. Now that my loan has matured, they told me to just keep making my regular payments until it is paid in full. Well, I did just that and guess what?? My car was repossessed last night. I had an agreement with them, or so I thought. Unfortunately it was a verbal agreement (stupid me).

I called them today and made a $2500 payment, as I just got my taxes back, and want to get this company out of my life as quick as possible. After this payment I should have just owed $900, now with the repo it's going to add $400+ to my balance. I now have to wait until Monday to contact their repo company to make an appointment to get my car, which can be up to 4 hours away from where I live. I'm just disgusted with this company, I hope KARMA comes around and bites them where the sun don't shine!

Feb 27, 2013
Santander and litigation in Texas
by: Anonymous

Contact the Law Offices of Gary Green for information on the class action lawsuit they are filing for violation of the fair debt collection practices act.

Then contact the Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division in Texas and fill out a complaint. You can file the complaint 0on line or mail it in.

Then contact the U.S. Consumer Protection Division. Just google it and file that complaint as well.

It won't do much good because Santander had over 4,000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas and somehow they still have an A+ rating, but file it nonetheless.

If enough of us file complaints, and join in the lawsuits something WILL happen. You just have to tell your story and stay the course. Bring Santander down.

Mar 25, 2013
by: Robert

Hello Folks,
I paid them off fully and have the Vehicle Payoff Confirmation and Title Advisory in hand, paid off 04/04/12,
Title to be sent in 5 to 7 days well well its been a long time and many letters and letter to Debt collectors, NO REPLY

Robert and Betty

Jun 07, 2013
Law suit againts santander USA I'm in contact me
by: William Hobbs

I bought a 2008 mustang from santander USA and I payed 2 months in advance so I wouldn't be late I don't no where the money went but I got in a bind and then they told me I was late on a payment I argued with them it done no good so they offers a deferment so I agreed so the account would stay current well here it is three years later and they have called me threw the day and night non stop blocking there numbers so finally I stopped picking up well I wanted away from them so I went up front I work at a dealership I tried to trade the car in so I could do away with them and it showed on my credit I ran 60 days behind all this time on my payments so they couldn't help me I said no that's wrong I make my payments it shouldn't show default at all so here I go I call them and after about the fifth person I talk to they tell me I have to pay 1500 dollars or they will have to take my car from me this was a night mare well needless to say they come got it not only did they take my car they went to my main boss and told him I don't pay my bills and my account was 90 behind and give him all the info about my loan which had nothing to do with him I didn't buy the car from him he shouldn't have known my personal life anyway my boss called me to the office and ask me don't I pay you well I said yes sir I'm happy what's this about and then he tells me what these People told him well I'm feeling 2 foot tall at this point so here I am the phone calls will not stop I have no car my credit is ruined and my boss thinks I'm a guy who don't pay his bills so they ruined my credit took my car and stole my peace of mind if anyone out there can help me please email me. I have called so many lawyers and they say OH santander we don't litigate against santander USA

Aug 13, 2013
Notice of Intent to Repossess-I'm just tired!
by: Anonymous

Who has a fax number or phone number for the Office of the President? They told me that I could get a deferment by paying $229. After doing that and paying the months they told me, now they've sent me a Notice of Acceleration! They are giving me 5 days to come up with $887 or they will accelerate the entire contract and pick up the car. They truly lie to you and no one seems to car what type of illegal business practices they do.

Aug 16, 2013
Illegal, Unfair and Fraudulent Interest Fees and Charges...
by: I will not Lay Down

My story is very similar to some of the others...I purchased my car in September of 2006. My interest rate was 17.95%, the amount financed was around $18,400 and it was financed for 72 months.

According to the terms of the Original Sales Contract, the total amount to be paid back (principal and interest) should have been around $30,400. Santander USA was not the original lender...they purchased my loan sometime in 2008.

I was late a few times and even had to defer a few payments, due to medical reasons and loss of employment. They told me that no interest, penalties or late fees would accrue on my account while I was in a "Hardship Deferment."

All 72 payments have now been made, and I have paid back a total of $30,400. However, according to Santander, I still owe nearly $5,000. Their explanation is that when a payment is late, interest will accrue on a daily basis until that payment is paid.

There is no language in my Original Sales Contract that validates this statement from Santander. The only language concerning late payments is that "If payment is not received within 10 days of its due date, there will be a late charge of $50 or 5% of the payment amount, whichever is less."

With this illegal practice of accumulated daily interest charges, and then those charges being added back to the loan, thereby increasing the loan balance, it is possible to never pay this loan off. It is almost like an "Interest Only Loan" not a "Simple Interest Loan."

According to (a financial website), a simple interest loan means that interest is only calculated on the outstanding principal balance. Simple interest does not compound and increase the loan balance. The amount of interest to be paid for each monthly payment cannot increase. If you're late or miss a car loan payment, the missed interest payment will not be added to the loan balance, and additional interest will not be calculated on the higher balance.

In addition, a simple interest car loan is an amortizing loan. This means that a portion of each payment goes to pay down the loan balance (part principal and part interest), and when all of the payments have been made, the loan will be paid off. Since the simple interest nature of car loans does not allow the compounding of interest due to late payments, car loans are contracted to impose late payment fees...not accumulated daily interest charges.

I reviewed my payment history over the past 72 months and I discovered several months where Santander applied my payment to "interest only" and the loan balance did not decrease. I requested a full audit of my account but they refused.

I am currently in the process of filing a law suit against Santander USA, as well as filing complaints with the FTC, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the State Attorney General's Office, Investigative Reporters and any other agency that will help put an end to their unjust consumer loan and collection practices.

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We are sure our readers will be interested in hearing how this is going for you. Updates welcome!

Sep 28, 2013
santander will not stick to contract
by: Anonymous

My story is the same. Santander has a contract with me stating 13.49% finance charge of 11,863.17, amount financed 25,143.39 total of all 37,006.56.contract states if late more than 10 days there will be 5# percent on any payment not paid in full up too 15.00 and no less than one dollar. well I have allrady have paid 16,852.13 I have paid so far 31,628.07 but they want 10,000 more. they are repo-ing my truck

Oct 15, 2013
"Suit Against Santander".
by: Robert from Tempe, AZ

~ "Suit Against Santander". include me in! I am interested in the suit; they violate the FDCPA LAW by calling more than once per day; this alone was what led to the industry being changed by a doctor whose last name is "Foti." now, FOTI is the name of the "MRD MMDC" disclosure that must be stated by every collector. They don't even say that! -

Oct 22, 2013
You asked, you shall receive
by: Anonymous

guys, please, please, contact Davis & Norris LLP Law Firm out of Birmingham, Alabama. Great, Super Assist. Please call them. You want regret the call. Does not matter where you reside.

Dec 05, 2013
Satander is a Crooked Company
by: Anonymous

I purchased a vehicle with citi finanacial and they sold to satander,the amount was $17k and i have paid over $32k and my payoff is $22k,no money has went to the principal $0,now they have repo my vehicle.

Dec 13, 2013
Santander Sucks
by: Anonymous

I financed a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica for my step daughter because she just went through a nasty divorce. The Pacifica was financed through 5/3 Bank which I had no issues with. Fast forward 4 months 5/3 sold my car to Santander Consumer USA. For two years I had no issues with Santander. One day I get a call from Santander stating that my Step Daughter quit paying for the vehicle. My Step Daughter purchased a brand new Chevrolet Traverse and just quit paying on the Pacifica. The payments were $435 a month and she was 3 months behind.

Santander stated that if I paid $650 the car wouldn't be repossessed. I went to her house and took the Pacifica and paid the $602 that day. Santander agreed to work out a plan to pay the remaining balance.

A week later I come home to find the Chrysler Pacifica gone. I called Santander right away and they wanted $3000 to release the car. I told them to go to he** I wasn't paying for it anymore. Santander Consumer USA sold the vehicle for $400 yes $400. They stated it was because the vehicle wouldn't move,and it had a bad transmission. The car ran JUST FINE when it went missing. I now have a bill for $17700 for that car. Shove it Santander!

Feb 07, 2014
car was towed
by: Anonymous

I woke up at 3am in the morning to find 2 guys hooking up my car to their tow truck. I was 5 months behind in payment due to personal reasons, and I had received no letter or such warning of repo. I will attempt to get car back at 8am today and see if I can defer the loan. I will post results.

Feb 16, 2014
Class Action Lawsuit!
by: Syracuse, NY

I took out a loan with HSBC for 72 payments or a 6 year loan. During the repayment process HSBC sold my loan to Santander. I continued to pay the new lender on time for the last year and a half of my car loan.

After requesting my final payment date, the rep explained I would be completed with my loan on June 2013. When I called back again in June to ensure the final payment was completed, I was notified I still had a remainder balance of $1500!?!?!

At this time I have made actually 82 payments on this loan. They refuse to call me back and assist or provide an explanation.

I refused to continue to pay anymore money without an explanation.

How are they able to get away with this????
The car is now 10 years old and still has a lien on its title. At a loss....

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As you can see from the comments, other consumers appear to have similar experiences. We recommend you file a complaint with the CFPB and talk with a consumer law attorney.

Mar 18, 2014
will not refund double payoff
by: Anonymous

on 02/02/14 i called for payoff balance in by account, and sent the check, by 02/14 they claim they had not received it. Got a new payoff balance and send another check, certified, return receipt requested, which was delivered on 02/18/14. This check was processed and debited to may bank account on 02/21/14. On 03/05/14 my bank account shows that the first check was cashed, even though when I called they had no record of it. I was at that time asked to have the bank fax them copy of both checks. which I did on 03/10 (Banks are not authorized to fax any account info) When I called 03/17 I was told that"management" wanted a copy of the bank statement to prove they were cashed. Since are documents issued by a bank, showing that the check was processed by their bank and mine not enough prove. This company's customer service is the worse.

Reply from

You may want to file a complaint with the CFPB and talk with a consumer law attorney to find out whether the attorney thinks you have a case.

Mar 27, 2014
Receiving calls as early as 6 AM!
by: Anonymous

I get calls from them starting at 6 AM if my husband's payment is more than 2 weeks late! They call as many as 6 times in a day! Even though they say that they can't speak to me because they don't have my husband's "voice recorded approval", yet they call me over and over and over! They'll call at 6 AM, leave a voice message, and then call right back immediately! I've told them over & over to stop calling me but they say that they can't stop calling me without my husband's permission! Really??? Thank goodness we traded that car in about 10 days ago! But guess what, they've now called me 30 times in 10 days!!! What is wrong with these people? I have to sleep with my phone on silent just so that they don't wake us up at 6AM during Spring Break & on weekends!

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Have you filed a complaint with the CFPB and your state attorney general's office? There are agencies looking into lender practices and this certainly doesn't sound consumer friendly.

Apr 03, 2014
HSBC loan Transfer to Santander
by: Anonymous

I had a very high interest rate, illegal now, loan through HSBC. Somehow for the first 3 years my $547.60 payments monthly went 75%-100% to interest. I ended up going only down by $1800! When I caught that my account had only gone down by that I stopped making payments and told them to come get the car, they re bargained with me (and i didn't look any further into the payment history til now) and i got it down to .5% interest. They transferred my loan in 2010 to Santander. Who isn't as crooked, but certainly not for the consumer!!!

When I paid off my loan in January they reported a 30 day late. I called repeatedly each person had a different reason why the loan was late. So I asked for the entire payment history (I should have done this with HSBC). I was shocked when i received it and saw that $1800 was credited in the first three years. So I called Santander and they said, sorry that was HSBC not us. So I said explain my 30 day late then? She said well it looks like in August of 2012 you may have missed a payment so it put you in a perpetually late cycle for a year and a half.

I asked, well if that were the case wouldn't you have called me for my missing payment? Or maybe reported that payment to the bureaus sometime in the year and a half before it matured? She said sorry mam unless you can prove the payment is made I can't do anything.

So I told her I'd be doing a full review of my account since it was connected with them with my payments and i'd be calling back.

I've actually decided to seek out if there IS a class action lawsuit and/or see a lawyer for my own case. WAY too much money as gone to them!

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We agree that it's a good idea for you to talk with a consumer law attorney. If the attorney doesn't think you have a good case for some reason you may want to at least file a complaint with the CFPB.

Jun 10, 2014
Santander Consumer is from the pits of hell
by: Anonymous

I have 2 cars financed through them one a 2009 which I still owe 12,547 on and 2012 which I owe 25,000 that is excessively too much so I told them to come pick the 2012 up because a Dodge Avenger is only worth 12,000 so therefore I'm upside down. I got laid off and told them I couldn't afford the amount because it didn't even seem like the amount was moving considering I have been paying 491 for 2 years I'm so ready to skin their hides include me in the suit!

Jun 14, 2014
Nothing Has Changed
by: Anonymous

How many years have gone by? And STILL no end to the pernicious debt collection practices of Santander Consumer USA. I have 11 months to pay on my 2008 Hyundai Tucson, but they say I owe them $12,556 -- more than twice the value of the car!

Naturally, the bill doesn't explain where all of this debt comes from, other than the 11 monthly payments of $556 and the $1,100 in late payments and $87 in accrued interest. Nor will they supply us with a detailed bill that explains it.

So we're stuck with a car payment we can't afford and a car we can't trade in because we have negative equity. Plus we're getting calls 6 or 7 times a day, from different phone numbers each time, and our friends and relatives are getting calls too despite their protests (and ours).

Is the class action suit still alive? Settled? Did it ever get off the ground? Can I still join?

Jun 23, 2014
by: Komrad

I moved overseas for work on short notice and could not take my car with me or sell it in the time available. I explained my situation to Santander and tried to come up with a deal with them. We reached an agreement ( I thought ) where I would pay them $2k and do a voluntary repossession I inadvertently told them where the car was, and they repo'd before I got them the money, Not only that, but after I paid them as we agreed to over the phone, the pretended that there wasn't a deal and sent me to collections. Every time that I called them, I was promised that they would fix the mistake, but that never happened.

I was and still am furious. I was stupid to tell them where the car was and for not getting the agreement in writing.

about 4 years later, I'm offering them 25% of the balance to get it off of my credit report. These guys are just crooks!

Aug 26, 2014
Santander is SCARY
by: Anonymous

If anyone gets a class action suit against Santander, please post info. My son's car was repo'd in Apr 2014. He was given until the 30th of Apr to pay approx. $3000 to get his car back or it would be sent to auction. He was able to get his car, however what they failed to mention was that the amount did not include the Apr payment which was due on the 18th of that month. So...even after he got his car back, his account was delinquent, and they have been charging a late fee of $172 monthly. His car payments are only $390 a month. Surely it can't be legal to charge almost 50% of your monthly payment as a late fee. We live in Florida, so if anyone has any helpful info... please share.

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At a minimum we recommend you reach out to the CFPB and file a complaint. In addition, you may want to reach out to a consumer law attorney for a consultation. The website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates lists consumer law attorneys with experience in consumer lending by state.

Sep 02, 2014
Paid Off Debt
by: 36West

I have paid off a debt that was sold to Santander. They however has sold off a paid debt to another collection agency. I have documents to prove debt has been paid.

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If your account was paid off and sold to another company that is still trying to collect from you, it's possible that one (or both) have broken the law. We'd recommend you do two things:

1. Get your credit reports at so you have documentation of what is being reported.

2. Talk with a consumer law attorney with experience in debt collection cases to find out what your rights and options are.

Find out how to get free or low-cost help with your debt collection problems here

Sep 25, 2014
i didnt pay.. they want the car back.. im hiding
by: Hiding

I bought a 2009 Honda Accord through sand and air in March of 2012 afterwards I haven't been working and to make a very long story short it is almost 2015 and I still have the car I have only made a few payments on the car so I know they are looking for it they have sent the sheriff to my house to serve me they have called everyone that was on my application and they have had the people from the repo come by the house several times however I do not intend to turn in the car I am going to continue to drive the car and pay my insurance until I can get the money up. my question is what happens now that they are trying to serve me with paperwork to go to court because I do not intend to allow myself to be served with paperwork what happens now what can they do whatever happened to the title if I never pay it off?

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You won't be able to get the title as long as there is a lien against the vehicle. You may want to consult with a bankruptcy attorney. You may be able to keep the car even if you file. You can get a a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney to find out.

Dec 03, 2014
repo help
by: Anonymous

I am currently behind on payments considering sending it back because it a pos that is become a money pit 4 months after i got it. My only fear is ruining my credit and garnishments.

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If you are seriously thinking about walking away from your vehicle, at least talk with a bankruptcy attorney. They can tell you what the lender can and cannot do to collect and can discuss bankruptcy as an option to put this behind you without fear of later being sued. Here's information about a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Jan 02, 2015
satander scums
by: Anonymous

They are 725 comments explain it. And added my name to they are black mailers also I was black mailed in Jan 2013 they collect 6000. $ by keep calling me at work and at my home. And also they charged interest on that amount too.

Jan 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

I purchased my car via carmax with santander being the lender. When I purchased my car in 2011, it was a total of about 23000. I have made a total of 31 payments and have been late because the payment became a little to much for me. Well today I called to determine the payoff only to be told I still owe over 21,000 and that none of my payments have been going to the principal amount only interest. I don't know what to do at this point because I don't want them to be given another dime of my money. By the time I pay off this vehicle, I will have given them close to 40000 on a 16000 car.. its like I am double paying for the car. My interest rate is 16.49%

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Have you thought about contacting a consumer law attorney? You can likely get a free consultation and they can tell you whether they think the lender's actions are illegal, as well as discuss your options for getting out of this loan. Look for one with experience in consumer lending. The website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates may be helpful.

Feb 14, 2015
Harassing phone calls
by: Anonymous

They called my job almost causing me to lose my job. They repeatedly called my mother. I'm 50 years old and she is not a co signer on my loan. They left threatening messages on her machine. She is elderly and shouldn't be harassed. I have 15 calls a day on my voicemail on my home phone, cell phone. The representatives are rude as if they signed the paperwork personally and I owe them money. The later hour representatives speak English poorly and I can nearly understand. I can't even finance a new car. I still owe 16,000 and have been paying for 4 years. Worst experience ever in life.

Feb 27, 2015
santander is still in business?
by: Anonymous

OK its Feb 2015 here, these posts are old. But I'm having sames issues with these ppl. I'm about to run the truck off a cliff and they can pay the wrecker to get it. It would be cheaper to just take a cab. I'd like to know the outcomes of any of these posts on here. Something has got to give. They've lost a payment but my bank showed me they stamped the back of my check. Of course the crooks couldn't find it until my bank and I 3 way called them. So, set up auto from acc payments. 2 months in a row, they didnt take it.... late charges. and so, paid with card over phone to keep in good standing. But they will not waive the fees for their mistake. I also made an extra payment that was specifically for said fees, so it didn't snowball effect into big and bad problems. And those are the only payments (mentioned above) that were late, but their fault, and was fixed before next payment was due. My interest is now 26.78%. Sticker price was around $14,000 for the truck. I've had loan for a bit over a year, put $1000 down to start. Have paid almost $10,000 to them since, Except only $2000 has went to principle.. My pay off is still over $10,000 left they say. please someone suggestions. Lawyers.. which laws here are they breaking?

Mar 07, 2015

I got a car loan from them. Always paid on time. Almost paid off in less then a year, took the loan for three years. Every time i make a payment, i usually pay 1,000 or more on the principal to get it paid off. I have to call in every time to let them know how much im putting on the principal and have done this since i took the loan in april.......... I offered to send separate checks one for payment and one for principal and was told they don't do it that way........... That i have to call in every time and let them know how much to put on the principal. I thought this to be ridiculous , but i did what was requested me to do. All of a sudden in january my account has gone delinquent and it is now march and i just got a letter telling me this at the end of february. I paid 2,533.52 in january and called them and told them to put 2,000.00 on the principal and 533.52 is my payment. Then in february i paid 533.52 payment . So now they say i am deliquent ????? Because they put the whole 2,533.52 on the principal after i called and told them to put 2,000.00 on the principal. I have called 15 times only to get a runaround and now im told i need to send 2 checks after i suggested that months ago and was told not to.......... I have been treated rudely on the phone and there is nothing i can do about it ??? I guess this is their way of getting back the money they lost by me paying it off sooner. This has been a nightmare and i am warning everyone i can, stay away from santander loans............. As i have talked to some friends and family i am finding out that a few of them have had terrible dealings with santander........... I have my bank statements proving i have paid like this all along (almost a year) and they put the principal where i asked when i called in , and now all of a sudden they tell me they cant and never did split payments....
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Have you thought about filing a complaint with the CFPB? You may also want to talk with a consumer law attorney to find out if their actions are legal.

Aug 02, 2015
No Mail Pick UP Everyday..additional interest added
by: Anonymous

Santander does not pick up their mail from the POST OFFice Box in Dallas Texas everyday. So this means that when a consumer mails their payments to the po box in dallas Texas, the PO Box is located in the USPS and it is confirmed by the post office the mail by their 3rd party is not picked. So customer is being charged additional interest on their loan without their knowledge.

This is not an uncommon practice with companies like Santander. The post office will not lie for this company, the company must understand that the post knows exactly when a letter should arrive to this company. Dallas to Dallas is 1 day.. Not 10 days. Santander even confirmed this information on their recorded line -that their 3rd party does not pick up mail, because they receive too much mail. Consumers should get credit from the time their payments hit the PO Box, not when the mail is picked up by a 3rd party.

Aug 21, 2015
No title
by: Anonymous

I paid my car off 2 years ago and still have not received my title. Phone calls are not returned.

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Have you considered talking with a consumer law attorney or filed a complaint with the CFPB?

Aug 31, 2015
Illegal Towing Scam
by: Anonymous

Santander repoed my car on 8/23/15 at 4:00 am. I called to find out how much I needed to pay to get it back and they CLAIMED they told me the car COULD be taken to an auction within 24 to 72 hours of it being picked up. COULD be taken to an auction? If the car is moved off the tow lot Santander has to issue an order for that move to be made so they would know exactly if and when the car was moved. I paid the amount asked on 8/28 and I spoke to three people on the phone that day. I tried once to make the payment with my debit card which was declined and called them back moments later after making the payment with a Money Gram. None of the people I spoke with told me my car had been moved off the lot and supposedly taken to Salt Lake City, Utah...I am in Las Vegas. First they tried to tell me that I would have to go to Utah to pick up my car from the auction and that it was MY responsibility to recover it even though I made the payment. After speaking to a manager on the phone for almost a half hour the manager agreed to have the car brought back to the lot BUT it would take 5 to 7 business days and that I would have to pay any charges for them towing it back. Why would a financing company pay a tow company to tow a car 500 miles from the customer and then claim they must pay the towing expenses if this were not a scam?

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If you haven't done so already, you may want to at least file a complaint with the CFPB.

Sep 15, 2015
wheres my money
by: Anonymous

I paid off one car thru insurance and payments i made, because the car was totaled out. But because i had payments after the total out, they had to refund it back, am having way too much trouble getting it back. They referred me to the office of the president, who tell me they can't see what their accounting dept is doing, its been over a month and they keep calling me but when i return the call, the office of the president says they don't know what aim talking about or why the person called. Now i am filing with the state attorneys office, Better Business Bureau and looking for a lawyer. Am not waiting for a class action suit. They only owe me about 3g rand but if i have to file suit what they gonna owe is the price of several cars.

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Let us know what happens please.

Sep 16, 2015
Total Harassment for a Loan that isn't my loan
by: Angela

This company calls me daily over a loan that is not my loan, I have requested 9 times for them to remove my number, that I am not the person that they are looking for, I DO NOT have nor have I EVER had a loan with them.... they claim that they are removing my number then 2 days go by and they begin calling me again.... I have told them NOT TO CALL ME that what they are doing is HARASSING me... but yet they continue to call, I am at wits end... this is not even my loan.... I was told today that my phone number is associated with several accounts they have... I told them to remove my number from all those accounts, that I don't owe them any money.... and if they continue to call me I would retain an attorney and sue them for harassment... 2 -3 days later they called me again...

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Have you read our page about debt collection for the wrong person?

Sep 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

This company is in the business of illegal Repossession, and resale of the vehicles, in addition to taking extra payments out of an indivduals checking account. THEY HAVE A VERY UNUSUAL METHOD OF BOOKEEPING.

Oct 26, 2015
by: Liz

My hours have been reduced, I can not afford my car and have insurance on it. I tried to do a voluntary repo but they just hung up on me, plus they have my information, and did not call me back. Once, I was behind a very scary man just came to my house and that was very intimidating, it sure made me call them back. The thing is,I need to return this car, but I keep getting hang ups and it is in my rights. I need help here.

Reply from

We'd recommend you talk with a bankruptcy attorney. They can help you in a couple of ways. The first is that they can help you evaluate whether you can keep the car if you file. If that's not an option, they can help you unload the car and hopefully minimize damage (in terms of any money you may still owe and be sued for after the car is returned.) You can find out how to a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney here.

Finally, once you have dealt with this problem, we encourage you to file a complaint against the lender with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. No lender should be hanging up on you when you are trying to work with them.

Jan 11, 2016
Santander is the worst
by: Anonymous

I got a loan through Carmax with Santander. The interest rate was usuary (around 23%) on a $14000 car. I paid on the car for 5 years, while I was in and out of jobs I was laid off from. I called several times and asked if they would consider a refinance at a lower rate and they basically laughed at me. In January of 2015, and having had many problems with the vehicle, I decided to purchase a new car.

When I went to the dealer (another story in itself), they told me my car had zero value and I had no balance due according to my credit report. This was because of a BK CH 7 I filed in 2010. The new car dealership told me to call Santander and pick up the old car as a repo. I called them and told them where the car was located and to pick it up and they never got back to me. I called again, and they said that they would pick it up and asked for the location. I drove past the lot where the car was being stored 6 months later and the car was still parked there.

Last night, a Sunday at 10:00 p.m., my doorbell rang. It was the repo guy asking me where my car is located. I told them a year ago where to pick it up and they ignored me. Santander is rude and their customer service is horrible. I believe it is up to the repo company to locate the car but I will never deal with Santander again and I would advise others not to, as well.

I paid nearly $30,000 for a used vehicle that sold for $14,000. If there is a class action lawsuit, please count me in. I've more than paid for that car and now it's Santander's turn to pay.

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