Ridiculous Number Of Collection Calls

by Jennifer
(Conroe, TX)

This company has been calling me 3-4 times day, Monday - Sunday! It is ridiculous! I was hospitalized last summer (mind you, admitted through the ER and kept for almost 3 weeks). I explained to them repeatedly that I filed for bankruptcy 3 years ago, when I was given emergency customer of my niece and nephew. The bankruptcy takes $770.00 out of every paycheck BEFORE I get it to pay back debts. This leaves me $276 that I receive every two weeks. Really? If I had the money to pay you, I would!!!! I can't even afford to pay my monthly bills as it is!!!! How can you harass someone this much when you know that there are extenuating circumstances? I have tried to apply for financial aid thru the state, but unfortunately, I am the wrong color and I make too much money (even though, again, I am raising 2 children that are not mine, and I only bring home $276 every two weeks after bankruptcy). I am tired of having soooo many missed calls on my phone all day!

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Jennifer - call your bankruptcy attorney immediately to report this! If you are in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you should be protected by the automatic stay and debt collectors should not be calling you at all.

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