Responsible if your debt is sold?

by Rory
(Colorado springs,Co. Usa)

I was wondering if your debt is sold to another collection agency are you still responsible to pay the debt.There is a company called Chad Steur Law(claiming to be lawyers)but in fact after a little research on my part found out that they are just a collection agency fraudulently claiming to be a law firm.who has bought an old debt of mine.After my research it seems that i am only responsible to the original creditor Not the company claiming to be a law firm whom has bought my original debt. Not sure if they are breaking the law or not in claiming to be a law firm on order to scare me into paying this old debt.So mY question is, am I responsible to pay this company who was bought my old debt?

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Nov 02, 2011
Responsible if your debt is sold?

There are legitimate businesses that make their money by purchasing old debt and trying to collect on it. If one of these companies has purchased a debt that you owe, then it is legally entitled to contact you about the debt and you are obligated to pay that company, not your original creditor.

If you have reason to believe that the firm that is contacting you about your debt is violating your legal rights in some way or is not entitled to be collecting from you, then I recommend you go here free legal advice about debt collection. One of these resources may be able to help you. Good luck!

Jul 22, 2015
If you haven't enter a contract
by: Karin K

...with a collection Agency can they still try to collect?

I found this on a Complaint Site about Collection Agencies from Nov 2014.

A note to you who may get calls, etc from "collection agencies". I ask them to send me a copy of my signed agreement to do business with their company (the collection agency). They can’t and calls and letters stopped for me. You did NOT go into ANY contract to do business with these companies - they may have "bought" your debted account from someone you DID go into a contract with, but you did not go into a contract with the collection agency. Therefore, you may OR MAY NOT CHOOSE to do business with them.

I've spent about 6 hrs looking thru all the ?'s and not even 1/2 way down the site. Haven't found anything like this. Could it be true or somebody puffing their chest? Seems to me that might be where the the "surprise" judgments come from. Hope you answer and hope I can find this again to see your response.

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If that were the case all debt collectors would be out of business very quickly! You can read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act yourself and you can also download our ebook here at no charge so you can understand your rights and options.

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