Reporting late fees to credit bureaus

I just spoke with an office manager about a bill for $12.81 from a visit back in March 2011 that I inadvertantly did not pay becaue I thought the bill had been taken care of by the insurance company, but am willing to pay. She is not willing to drop the late fee of $35 that was assessed because the bill was not paid in a timely fashion after several attempts to contact me by continuing to send a bill. Can or will this affect my credit if she reports it to the credit unions for failure to pay the late fee?

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Nov 19, 2011
Reporting late fees to credit bureaus

If all or most of the information in your credit history is positive, then having information about this one past due account reported to the credit bureaus is unlikely to have much of a negative impact on your credit. Even so, I would ask the office manager if she normally reports past due accounts to the credit bureaus (not every business does) and if her answer is yes, find out if you will refrain from doing so in your case if you pay what you owe right away. The office manager may not agree to your request but it's worth a try. However, even if the office manager does not, you should clear up the bill immediately.

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