Repeated calls from multiple agencies for someone with the same name.

by Beth
(Chesapeake, VA)

My husband and I have gotten several calls a day from multiple agencies looking for someone with the same name as a relative of his for a couple of years. I know that they are searching the internet to come up with our number. They must have additional ways to get our number because it is unlisted.

I have done extensive research myself to find out why they keep calling us. I have looked on, and others. He is linked to his sister, i assume from past addresses. So what they do is call everyone with that name.

What I also found was someone with that name living nearby (city but no street). Assume that is who they are looking for. Not long ago, I found my husband was listed separately at an address in that same city on That's finally how I pieced it together.

It is really a shame that innocent people are being harassed due to credit collection practices. It would consume all of my time to file complaints on all of these companies, much less identify them all.

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We agree! There should be some sort of registry consumers can use to opt out from calls for the wrong person. We'd encourage you to file your complaint with the FTC at and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( They need to hear what folks are dealing with.

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