Renewed Judgement

by Mark
(Sarasota, florida,USA)

O.k here is my question....1989 I had a credit line at a casino in N.J., I was living in Mass. at the time. I had moved to Florida in 1990. I have received a certified letter in May of 2009, that there was a renewed judgement entered in N.J. for the gambling debt. My question also was that I was never notified of the judgement in the first place in the 90's, what is my recourse? Also I get another certified letter from a law office in Broward county, which is 150 or so mile's away stating that there was a foreign judgment entered in the court for the same debt? Thank's very much in advance.....also on my credit report it doe's not say there is any public I am very confused? thanks again.

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Apr 22, 2011
Renewed Judgment

Your situation is complicated given all of the various legal jurisdictions involved and I am not an attorney. Therefore, I recommend that you schedule an appointment with a consumer law attorney in your area who helps consumers resolve their debt collection problems, especially given that there are judgments against you. The attorney can help you sort out your issues and let you know if you have any legal recourse. Bring to your meeting as much information as you have related to the renewed judgment and the debt that resulted in your receiving the certified letter from the Broward County attorney, including the notifications themselves.

I don't have an explanation for why the renewed judgment does not appear in your credit report. However, it's possible that it may show up sometime later. The foreign judgment probably does not appear because it was issued by a court outside the US and so our laws do not apply. However, when you meet with the attorney you should ask him or her about it.

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