Relative listing me

by Julie
(Carmichael, CA US)

My husband has a family of losers. The other day I received a message on my answering machine to call a toll free number regarding a very urgent matter. When I called the number, I found out they were a collection agency and they were looking for his sister, whom I have never met and we do not have contact with. Can someone that we have nothing to do with or even hardly know list us as a credit reference? This is not the first time this has happened with his loser sister. She lives out of state and we have no contact information for her and she has us blocked on Facebook.

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May 07, 2013
Relative listing me as a reference

If your sister-in-law is listing you as a reference on a credit application even though the two of you do not know one another, I assume she could be prosecuted for fraud. However, I am not an attorney and a district attorney in her area would have to file charges against her.If you want that to happen, you could always go to the trouble of contacting the DA in her county of residence and discuss what is happening. Whether or not your sister-in-law would be charged with fraud as a result, is not something I can tell you.

Of course, whenever you are contacted by debt collectors about her past due debts, you should let them know that you do not know her and have no idea how to reach her.

There may be something else you can do about your problem, but I am not aware of it. To find out, contact a consumer law attorney in your area.

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